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This week’s TV viewing rundown. Firstly House saw the grumpy doc trying to coach Cuddy’s daughter to get her into an elite pre-school, compete with animal training clicker (which was a hoot!) The case was pretty mundane, although good to see the gay hoodlum from Caprica getting work. Chase’s skirt chasing ways caught up with him as someone hacked his facebook (or the alternate copyright free name) page. Perfectly fun, nothing ground breaking.

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Spartacus: Gods of the Arena ep 1

As a huge fan of Lucy Lawless and Xena: Warrior Princess (see website name!) it took me a while to get into Spartacus: Blood and Sand last year. While I might love Lucy, I was not a fan of the movie 300 and found the first couple of episodes of Blood and Sand just grotesquely violent and the nudity and sex rather gratuitous. However, after hanging around on my hard drive for a while I though, as a true Lucy Lawless fan, I should try and get beyond episode 3 and I was glad I did. The epic drama and fascinating treachery that built as the series went on was … Continue reading

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New episodes of Fringe are always a reason to celebrate. The latest signalled Fringe’s move to Friday nights – notoriously bad for many shows (I still miss The Sarah Connor Chronicles! Especially as The Cape with Summer Glau is pretty much unwatchably bad!) In a knowing nod to this, the episode was called The Firefly (Joss Whedon’s prematurely axed space western which I must admit I was not greatly into although I enjoyed the movie) and featured the return of the observers and guest starring Christopher Lloyd. We had plenty of soul searching for Walter as the observers told him they were there to put right something his incursion into … Continue reading

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Goodbye to Medium…*sniff*

After seven years, Allison Dubois will dream her dreams on more. Well, not on tv anyway, the real Allison lives on! The final ever episode ‘Me Without You’ aired this week and I will freely admit I had a few tears in my eyes as the cast said goodbye on camera at the end of the episode. *Spoilers ahead*

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With the return of new episodes to US TV after the Christmas break, I’ve been watching a whole bunch of shows in the last few days, so here’s a bit of a race through. The Good Wife, top of my pops, featured another Alicia-liteish episode this week, as the Lockhart Gardner intrigue continued. Will finally figured out that the new guy Derek Bond was manipulating him and Diane and I was rather ridiculously delighted to see them friends again. I love Will and Diana together. In the meantime, Diane had approached Cary about joining her new firm. His demand – twice Alicia’s salary! However, it’s not going to be happening … Continue reading

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The Golden Globes

The Golden Globes were given out in Hollywood on Sunday and I wanted to get my opinions in on a few of the awards. Firstly, the Globes did their credibility a fair bit of damage with some of the nominations this year. Piper Perabo for Best Dramatic Actress?? Really? I like Cover Affairs and Ms PP but award worthy? Still if the abysmal The Tourist can land nominations for Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie as well as best film, well, like I said, credibility check..

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Medium – Labor Pains Review

It’s hard to give a totally impartial review for this rather ho-hum episode when next week sees Medium seven year run come to an end and it has consistently been one of my favourite procedural shows. When Medium started, it seemed like a one idea show – Allison Dubois will just be able to say ‘he did it’ each week and that will be it! That they have managed to keep up the creative standards on the show for so long is a real testament to the writers and producers. In Allison, Joe and the girls, there is also just a wonderful down to earth everyday family that we rarely … Continue reading

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Human Target – ‘Imbroglio’ and ‘Cool Hand Guerrero’ Review

Another two episodes of the increasingly fun Human Target began with a sort of Die Hard in an opera house story. Ilsa’s sister in law arrives to see for herself (and the board) if Ilsa is crazy mixing with the team (I say yes!) They head out to the opera, closely followed by Chance and Guerrero who are suspiciuous after hearing about a security breach. They are, of course, correct as a team of criminals arrive to take all the rich folk hostage, although their real target is a prisoner in the CIA jail next door. While Chance, Guerrero and Ilsa battle away, Winston outside in the van cons the … Continue reading

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Caprica – the final episodes reviewed

So Caprica is no more. The final episodes have aired, and while I was underwhelmed by episode 15 (I think I managed to miss 14 which might be one reason I didn’t care for it), the last three where the action and tension was racked up were a lot better. After spending far too long having not much happen, pretty much all the characters’ storylines were pretty exciting. My favourites, the Greystones, were at the centre of the best stuff. Amanda’s spying on Clarice and the STO had her stealing Clarice’s holoband, which included the simulations for a pretty horrific terrorist attack on a packed sports event.

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The Good Wife – Breaking Up S2 Ep10

The Good Wife returns, with the drama over the possible breakup of Lockhart Gardner coming to the surface. The case of the week was not an especially gripping one, focussing on a pair of college student Bonnie and Clydes who are arrested for filling a pharmacist, however, only one of them pulled the trigger. Is is the son of an important Lockhart Gardner client or his less well connected girlfriend? Cary pops up to stir things up trying to get one of the suspects to turn on the other.

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