Castle – ‘Nikki Heat’ Review Ep 3.11

Castle is a fun, lightweight show whose main appeal for me is the always charming Nathan Fillion. This week’s episode saw the appearance of an actress cast to play Nikki Heat (Castle’s character based on Detective Beckett) who was following Beckett in preparation for playing the role. As Castle commented, it was very meta!

The ensemble cast are always entertaining, while the crimes are often fairly predictable – as was the case here. Personally if I was being interviewed by a cop, an author and and actress about a crime I’d wonder what was going on! However, suspension of disbelief is crucial for this show. I was quite amused to hear the actress mention to Becket about those ridiculous high heels she’s been wearing and how impractical they are. Didn’t she used to be a bit more butch is season 1? I am not a huge fan of her fashion model look. I wonder how many female cops dress like that?

Entertaining fluff.


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