Caprica, Episodes..

CapricaEpisodesJust a short post about two shows I watched yesterday. My relationship with Caprica has always been an uneasy one. I was a huge Battlestar Galactica fan, but for me Caprica has never worked as well as it could, largely because I dislike pretty much all of the characters. I am especially bored by the Adama brothers and the Tauron mafia stuff. However, the always dull Eric Stoltz as Daniel Greystone isn’t much better. I used to quite like the Greystone family dynamic, but Amanda has been off finding out about the polygamous Polly Walker and her equally tedious Church of the One God bunch.

To me, Caprica is trying to be portentous and important and it just comes over as pretentious and dull. I have the final 4 episodes to watch and I really struggled to get through the first, episode 15. Far too much of the Adama family and their history that I just find boring. I will watch the others but I have little hope I will be converted. A wasted opportunity to explore what was an intriguing world of the 12 colonies and a fascinating time, the birth of the Cylons.

On a lighter note, the new comedy from Showtime and the BBC featured two of my very favourite British comedy actors, Tamsin Greig and Stephen Mangan. Ah, Green Wing!! Episodes tells the story of the pair of them as married award winning comedy writers whose show is bought up for an American remake. With US versions of Shameless, Being Human and Skins coming up, quite a good time.

The first episode was rather full of clichés, but I’ll definitely be watching the rest to see how Matt LeBlanc fits in. I’m willing to watch Tamsin Greig in anything, although I’m undecided about her new hairdo!

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