The Good Wife – Breaking Up S2 Ep10

Good Wife

The Good Wife returns, with the drama over the possible breakup of Lockhart Gardner coming to the surface. The case of the week was not an especially gripping one, focussing on a pair of college student Bonnie and Clydes who are arrested for filling a pharmacist, however, only one of them pulled the trigger. Is is the son of an important Lockhart Gardner client or his less well connected girlfriend? Cary pops up to stir things up trying to get one of the suspects to turn on the other.

Meanwhile Alicia’s brother Owen returns to bring a bit of lightness to the episode, and indeed to his sister. It is nice to see Julianna Margulies getting to giggle a bit as you could never accuse Alicia of being flighty!

The drama between Will and Diane was delicious, and we got to see Will being especially dislikeable this week. He’s still with that obnoxious girlfriend (who seems to be awfully in the know) and then flat out lies to his client in an effort to get him to hand over his pregnant girlfriend for the crime. Alicia is also approached by Diane about coming with her to the new firm but is asked not to tell Will. When Diane later asks him if it was Alicia who told him, you could sense his feelings of betrayal. I bet Alicia’s decision both not to tell him and also to consider Diane’s offer will be something we return to.

A rare no-courtroom episode, this one was also not particularly Alicia-centric, and while she is the main character, the support cast are so good, it made for a welcome change.

The previous episode – the one where the firm raced against time to save a death row inmate – was one of the very best of the series, so this one was definitely lower key. The Good Wife sets the bar high, but even a lesser episode as this one was really, is still wonderfully involving.

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