Human Target – ‘Imbroglio’ and ‘Cool Hand Guerrero’ Review

Human TargetAnother two episodes of the increasingly fun Human Target began with a sort of Die Hard in an opera house story. Ilsa’s sister in law arrives to see for herself (and the board) if Ilsa is crazy mixing with the team (I say yes!)

They head out to the opera, closely followed by Chance and Guerrero who are suspiciuous after hearing about a security breach. They are, of course, correct as a team of criminals arrive to take all the rich folk hostage, although their real target is a prisoner in the CIA jail next door. While Chance, Guerrero and Ilsa battle away, Winston outside in the van cons the FBI into believing he is in law enforcement too.

The episode is pretty fast moving and features plenty of the fun banter we have had recently. It also touches on Ilsa’s experiences last week when she shot a man, and even references her dead husband (who we never hear about. Will we ever?)

The second episode was less thrilling and a more standard crooked prison guards/wrongly imprisoned caper with Guerrero investigating and being set up by meth cooking prison governor James Remar (Dexter’s dad). Ames pops up to help Ilsa break into Guerrero’s locker but this episode was fine without being anything particularly special.

I am a fan of the new improved Human Target, but who knows if it will be renewed as it is a pretty tough time for tv shows right now.

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