Medium – Labor Pains Review

MediuIt’s hard to give a totally impartial review for this rather ho-hum episode when next week sees Medium seven year run come to an end and it has consistently been one of my favourite procedural shows. When Medium started, it seemed like a one idea show – Allison Dubois will just be able to say ‘he did it’ each week and that will be it! That they have managed to keep up the creative standards on the show for so long is a real testament to the writers and producers. In Allison, Joe and the girls, there is also just a wonderful down to earth everyday family that we rarely see on tv. No divorces, affairs or melodrama – after all psychic ability is melodramatic enough! Watching Ariel, Bridgette and little Marie grow up has been sweet and I am definitely going to miss this show.

On the other hand, episodes like this one seem to indicate they are definitely winding down. The previous episode was not that great (with inexplicable recasting of David Arquette as Allison’s brother for no apparent reason but to get him on! Do they think us fans won’t remember the big guy who played him in the past?) and unfortunately this one retreads old, old ground too. As soon as that guy Jeremy showed up asking for Allison’s help alarm bells rang for me – it was Rudi, the Ice Truck Killer from season 1 of Dexter! Similarly, Marie’s learning problem – didn’t they do that with Bridgette in the past? She knew the answers because she read the teacher’s mind for the answers. She certainly seemed to be doing that in the episode, although Joe and Allison didn’t seem too bothered.

Preparing to say goodbye to the Dubois family, hopefully everyone will be back next week. We’ve not seen Ariel since she headed off to college, not much Lee for a while either. Get the hankies ready..

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