The Golden Globes

The Golden Globes were given out in Hollywood on Sunday and I wanted to get my opinions in on a few of the awards. Firstly, the Globes did their credibility a fair bit of damage with some of the nominations this year. Piper Perabo for Best Dramatic Actress?? Really? I like Cover Affairs and Ms PP but award worthy? Still if the abysmal The Tourist can land nominations for Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie as well as best film, well, like I said, credibility check..

Going through a few of the categories now. (See a full list of nominees and winners here at the TV Guide website) Firstly Best Drama where Boardwalk Empire triumphed over Dexter, Mad Men, The Good Wife and The Walking Dead. Definitely NOT impressed! Boardwalk Empire has prestige and the huge budget but I disliked this show almost from the first. There is hardly a character you can sympathise or really care about at all. I think the nomination for The Walking Dead was a little premature when the series only ran for 6 episodes and those were patchy. The Good Wife would have been my pick. Great scripts, character development, intriguing plots and well acted. Mad Men had a good year – the episode with Don and Peggy being a real classic (forgot the title – The Suitcase?) Dexter had a so-so year.

Similarly the Best Actor category – won by Steve Buscemi for Boardwalk Empire beating Jon Hamm for Mad Men, Michael C Hall for Dexter, Hugh Laurie for House and Bryan Cranston for Breaking Bad. I didn’t watch Breaking Bad, Dexter and House had solid but nothing that spectacular years for their stars, whereas Jon Hamm (who I think has not won) was always excellent as Don Draper, even if I think Mad Men is a little over praised at times. Buscemi did very little that was special. He looked his usual weasely self and if he explored Nucky Thompson’s depths, I must have missed it.

In the comedy category, as a huge Gleek, I was pleased Glee won, although even I must admit the show has been patchy at times. Modern Family is the more consistent show, but I also think it is more formulaic. There is nothing else like Glee! Delighted that Jane Lynch and Chris Colfer also took home the Globes for supporting actor and actress.

The lead actress in a comedy/musical went to critics darling Laura Linney whose show The Big C I made it through 2 episodes of before not being able to take her or the show. The others actresses – Tina Fey, Edie Falco, Toni Colette, Lea Michele could all have won (although there has been so little Rachel Berry in Glee lately, you wonder if she can still be considered a lead actress!) I gave up on United States of Tara as too weird, but I love Nurse Jackie. Edie Falco’s performance (a bit like Chris Colfer’s) is a dramatic one in a comedy show!

I was sorry a bunch of my favourite dramatic actresses missed out in the drama category. I don’t watch Sons of Anarchy so no idea how good Kaey Segal is, but Julianna Marguiles, Kyra Sedgewick and Elizabeth Moss were all wonderful this year, even Piper Perabo was fine!

This may be TV Talk but a quick mention of the movie categories. Thankfully neither The Tourist of Alice in Wonderland won anything! I loved The King’s Speech so was happy to see Colin Firth win. Similarly, Black Swan and Natalie Portman was a remarkable (if deeply weird) film. Nice that Annette Bening won too as I liked The Kids are Alright. In my opinion The Social Network is extremely over rated. Again, it’s the Hollywood celeb factor – David Fincher directing, Aaron Sorkin writing. I just found the story BORING! However, that very first 5 minute scene of Mark Zuckerbeg being dumped is excellent.

I didn’t actually watch the ceremony (funny, I used to love awards shows as a kid, now I cringe all the way through them…) so no idea whether Ricky Gervais was funny, offensive or both! I find him both at times.

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