Goodbye to Medium…*sniff*

MediumAfter seven years, Allison Dubois will dream her dreams on more. Well, not on tv anyway, the real Allison lives on! The final ever episode ‘Me Without You’ aired this week and I will freely admit I had a few tears in my eyes as the cast said goodbye on camera at the end of the episode.

*Spoilers ahead*

Thought I’d better put that in as I was not terribly happy that the final episode went for a dramatic big ending by killing off poor old Joe in a plane crash! Allison and Joe’s marriage and watching the kids grow up has been a big part of the appeal of the show for me. The episode leapt 7 years into the future showing Allison as a successful attorney with only Marie at home, still mourning the death of Joe. Allison believes that Joe survives the plan crash and has amnesia so goes searching for him. However, it turns out the whole 7 year thing is a gift from ghost Joe to show her she can live a successful life without him. We then jump forward to Allison’s death and the couple reunited.

GGRR!! I’m not a fan of those series finale’s that go for the big drama like this, however, after the previous very lacklustre episode, I guess they really were winding down. Still, I will remember all the great moments, the unusual cases, the family’s closeness and squabbles. Just off the top of my head some favourites: The one where Joe’s office was held hostage; Captain Push back in season 1; the boys running by a railroad one; Allison’s alternate future where she wasn’t married to Joe and didn’t have the kids; the one when Allison and Ariel swapped bodies; when Marie got her glasses; Bridgette as a goalie and loads more. I was always impressed how they came up with new ways to use Allison’s gift. I’ll miss the Dubois family and while the show limped to the finish line rather, on the whole it was a great show with likeable characters and interesting stories.

We got on camera wave goodbyes from everyone – nice to see the twins who played Marie onscreen together. Also a nice little nod, old about to snuff it Allison’s family photos included grown up Marie and her twin daughters! We’ve not seen Ariel for ages, and I was a little sorry we didn’t get the girls in this last episode. Still they all popped up to wave to us. So long Dubois (can’t figure out the plural of Dubois – Duboises?) thanks for the last seven years.

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