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This week’s TV viewing rundown. Firstly House saw the grumpy doc trying to coach Cuddy’s daughter to get her into an elite pre-school, compete with animal training clicker (which was a hoot!) The case was pretty mundane, although good to see the gay hoodlum from Caprica getting work. Chase’s skirt chasing ways caught up with him as someone hacked his facebook (or the alternate copyright free name) page. Perfectly fun, nothing ground breaking.

Pretty Little Liars continued the mystery. Is Ian A? Well probably not, but did he kill Allison? Emily gets drunk at the dance marathon after Maya doesn’t seem to want to talk on the phone to her while she’s at pot smokers boot camp. Aria’s old babysitter arrives in town (and Hollie Marie Combs appears for the first time in ages, after I thought they had ditched her character) and seems to hit it off with her teacher boyfriend Gilbert. The intrigue continues.

Lie To Me featured the forever Eugene Tooms Doug Hutchinson (who looks pretty old these days, but still creepy) as a domineering cop whose wife loses their baby daughter. Completely predictable who did it and a rather ho hum episode.

Castle on the other hand had a really good episode, returning to the mystery of Beckett’s mother’s murder. Just as a secret is about to be revealed by a dying ex-cop, hie is shot, and the team try to delve into the mystery and consipiracy behind it, implicating cops. Apart from Beckett’s daft pole dancer wardrobe these days, this was more dramatic, less laughfest and a strong episode.

Harry’s Law remains a bit of a mystery. Another sentimental heart string tugging episode as Harry defends an elderly lady who held up a liquor store because she was starving.  Nate Cordrry (can’t remember his character’s name) defends the Chinese owners of a laundy who sacked a woman for being pregnant. Two cases that they had totally no right to win, but being manipulative tv, they get a break in both cases. I can’t decide of this show is a guilty pleasure or just stupid. The legal side and the plots are daft, but I still quite like the characters.

Episodes is onto the 3rd episode, and remains hit and miss for laughs. I did enjoy the confrontation between Tamsin Greig and Matt LeBlanc where she can’t keep her eyes off his crotch after her husband reveals he is EXTREMELY well endowed! Tamsin Greig is so funny and while the show is an uneasy mixture with not enough real laughs, the situation is amusing.

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