Human Target, Off the Map.

Due to my slow viewing habits, I’ve watched four episodes of Off The Map in a pretty short space of time, and Mamie Gummer is one of my new favourite actors! Yes, she can blame her mother for that nose and the unfortunate name but the girl is talented! We got two great guest stars this week – Daddy Walton Ralph Waites as an elderly cancer stricken Nazi who Mamie wanted to ensure saw justice. I liked that she didn’t have a particular axe to grind. She didn’t have a relative who suffered (although I was yelling “Sophie’s Choice” at the tv!) but was just determined he lived one more day to face his past. Ed Begley Jr popped up in a tiny role as a visiting dentist. He’s such a good actor, I hope he returns. This episode was directed by Eric Stoltz, who has also directed Glee recently. Guess the failure of Caprica has him thinking.

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