Top Glee Musical Moment of Season 2

With the return of Glee after tonight’s Superbowl (YAY!) I thought I’d post my top musical moments of the season so far.

While there hasn’t been an iconic song like Don’t Stop Believing (and there might never be another quite as perfect for the show) I have enjoyed a lot of the songs this year. So here is my top 10.

10. T-T-T-T-Touch Me

The Rocky Horror Glee show worked pretty well, although it was a slightly forced episode. The idea of the Glee kids doing Rocky Horror was always dodgy what with the sexual content of the film. However, it was a blast! This song saw Emma finally sing again, and despite the altered lyrics, the idea of germaphobe Emma singing Touch Me was a giggle. The logic was insane – Will needed to practice so Emma sang this, that only required him to have his shirt pulled off? However, the most fun number of a fun episode.

9. Toxic

People were dubious over a Brittney Spears episode, but putting Heather Morris’ adorable Brittany to the fore gave us a chance to marvel at her amazing dance skills. Her voice was fine – although in amongst the slick production of the numbers it was hard to tell how much was her. Toxic was probably the most imaginative vocal arrangement, although I wasn’t a fan of the OTT sex riot!

8. Valerie

Naya Rivera has the perfect voice for this excellent song, and she did a great job. She has been featured more this season – as have most of the talented cast and this song also featured the amazing Mike Chang and Brittany dance. Sectionals winners! (shared)

7. Empire State of Mind

Glee is the only way I get to hear a lot of modern music, I admit. Back to the first episode and I loved the arrangement of this song. I’m no rap fan and the boys rapping doesn’t do that much for me, but I loved the rest of the song and the gang looked hot in their tight black t shirts!

6. Dog Days Are Over

The final song from the final episode (not counting Christmas) was a really fun number as Mercedes and Tina (remember her?) take the lead. Tina has a great voice and has been pretty neglected this year. So it was good to see her take the lead here – and I love Florence and the Machine and this song. The wild leaping around dancing was just so loose and fun. The vast majority of the Glee musical numbers are highly choreographed, so I kind of liked seeing Rachel and Sam knock each other over!

5. Forget You

Gwyneth Paltrow killed this song! She was a big hit as substitute teacher and stand in Glee coach Holly Holiday. It also helps that the song is brilliant, but she held her own extremely well in song and dance. Looking forward to her return later in the season.

4.  Teenage Dream

Darren Criss as Blaine has probably been one of the most popular additions to the cast. I’m going to be controversial and disagree here – but only because I just don’t like Kurt being away at another school! I miss him in the Glee club! However, the Dalton Academy Warblers (vocal arrangements by an acappella group who were on a reality show last year) are excellent, and this song in particular is a fantastic version of what was a pretty cheesy Katy Perry song. Somehow being sung by a guy, it’s not as tacky. Darren Criss is very handsome and I like the character of Blaine – but I still want Kurt back where he belongs!

3. Lucky

The unexpected winners of the Duets contest Sam and Quinn are not a couple I especially root for (good job as they are rumoured to be on the skids!) but I thought this song was totally charming and perfect for Chord Overstreet and Dianna Agron’s voices. Chord, while having a STUPID name, has a great voice and while Dianna’s voice is sweet, it’s not especially powerful. Cast very late, I get the impression Ms Agron may have been cast more for her acting than her singing – unlike many of the cast. However I love this song. I challenge myself to try to sing each of their parts as I’m driving around.

2. Happy Days Are Here Again/Get Happy

The Kurt/Rachel friendship that has blossomed in the latter part of this block of episodes has been one of my favourite things. The season has been very Kurt heavy and Rachel light, and as I totally adore Lea Michele, it has bugged me at times. She was definitely the lead in much of season 1, but she and her character have been neglected this year in my opinion. Rachel as a character has been written very inconsistently. However, this duet with Kurt was just wonderful (although I do wonder if Lea Michele realised just how silly those Streisand-like faces she was pulling looked!)

1. Marry You

The most joyful moment of the season so far, and almost the series as a whole was this wedding song between Burt and Carole. I like them well enough, but it was just pure happiness and joy that washed over me when I watched the kids dancing down the aisle that made me remember all the things I love about Glee. The song is nice but pretty daft lyrics wise, however I found myself wiping away tears of happiness at the end of this scene. What Glee is all about!

Hovering outside the top 10: One of Us – mainly because I love the song; Papa Can You Hear Me – great vocal performance from Lea Michele; Slave For You/Me Against the Music – Brittany and Santana kill their song and dance numbers; Sweet Transvestite – Amber Riley’s muscular vocals suited this song surprisingly well; Sing – Mike Chang Sings – well, not really. A great fun number that was a real hoot; Ohio – Sue and her mum’s duet showed that Carol Channing has a great Broadway voice. Jane Lynch does well too; Don’t Cry for me Argentina – like Defying Gravity, a Rachel/Kurt duet that worked well and was a part of that lovely friendship storyline; Dammit Janet – just a finny song! Also evidence of Cory Monteith’s improved singing voice. Also, I Wanna Hold Your Hand – Kurt’s emotional performance of the Beatles classic was much beloved by many. I found it a little maudlin!

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