Glee, House, The Chicago Code

After much much too long, Glee finally returned and its post-Superbowl show earned huge ratings too. But was the episode as super? Well I was a bit unsure at first. For a start off, the episode was about 5 mins longer than normal – and oddly it felt more leisurely in pace. There is also the anticipation factor. When you are a huge huge fan of something, you are so excited to see a new episode, it always feels like a bit of a let down. I remember back to the days of the height of my Xena:Warrior Princess obsession. A friend in the US would send me video tapes and I was just so excited when a new tape popped through the door, it was hard to relax and watch an episode objectively.

After watching the new Glee episode, The Sue Sylvester Shuffle (weird name, she does no dancing..) I was not totally bowled over, however, on listening to the tracks on YouTube later and listening to my favourite Gleeful Podcast  I found a lot to enjoy about the episode.

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