Glee “Silly Love Songs”

The second Glee episode of the week was another fun romp that was all the better for being almost entirely focussed on the kids. No Sue, Emma still absent, none of Will’s pontificating – just a brief appearance from the Beist hauling a dazed Santana off to the nurse.

There were a few couples that this Valentine’s themed episode focussed on. Finn sees himself as the stud of the school and the Glee club and after Quinn kissed him at the end of the previous episode, sets up a kissing booth. We also revisited the Finn/Rachel breakup, with Finn rather sweetly giving Rachel a gift he bought her for Christmas – a pretty gold star necklace. However, his sweetness didn’t last as he spent most of the rest of the episode trying to tempt Quinn away from Sam. I find Finn incredibly annoying. For a start, I don’t quite know what smart girls like Quinn and Rachel see in him. He’s DULL! Yes he is the captain of the football team, but his hypocracy in dumping Rachel for merely kissing Puck is astonishing. He kissed Rachel when dating Quinn, slept with Santana and lied about it, and now is pursuing Quinn again. Give up on him girls!

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