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The trouble with V…

Just watched the latest episode of season 2 of V, episode 6 ‘Siege’, and once again I find myself wanting to love this show more than I actually do. I was not a huge fan of the original, only seeing a few episodes so it is not that my expectations were too high in that way. I think it is that all the ingredients are there and so nearly come together, but like some of my cooking, are often a disappointment. After  years of great guest performances, Elizabeth Mitchell fully deserved the starring role as FBI agent Erica Evans, and I am amazed that lovely sweet Inara from Firefly (Morena … Continue reading

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Fringe – 3.13 Immortality, Smallville – 10.13 Beacon, Human Target S2 finale, The Good Wife 2.13 Real Deal.

Catching up on some reviews of last week’s tv, the best of which was Fringe. This season has been excellent, although now our Olivia is back, there has been a slightly ponderous ‘how could you not know’ theme. This week we returned to the other side, and I realised how much I missed it! Alternate reality shows are always kind of fun as the creators of the shows get to add their own little details to the other worlds. The S2 finale reveal of Olivia in the twin towers still stands as one of the very best mind blowing Fringe moments.

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