Glee “Comeback”, The Good Wife “Road Trip”

My two favourite shows aired strong episodes this week, but certainly very different ones.

Glee frequently requires a suspension of disbelief and a ‘just go with it’ attitude. Of course if any teacher acted the way Sue Sylvester does, they would be fired in an instant. Yes, the slick production numbers would take weeks of rehearsals to be that polished, but the show works for me because of the funny oneliners, quirky characters and of course, the music.

I was a little nervous about the Justin Beiber themed episodes this week. The episodes that have featured one artist so far have been Madonna – a total icon, Lady Gaga – ditto although a newer less proven in the long term icon – and Britney Spears, not someone I am a huge fan of, but certainly a pop princess. Justin Beiber on the other hand?? I don’t know his music at all, just that he looks like a very young child and is a YouTube sensation.

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