SVU on form, The Good Wife, Body of Proof Premiere.

I was a late-comer to Law and Order: Special Victims Unit; one boring summer Hallmark was showing episodes in seemingly random order so I was puzzled by the rotating ADAs and Olivia Benson’s hair!

In recent years the show has been very inconsistent with the cases being more gimmicky and less interestingly plotted in my opinion. Another SVU staple is the big name guest stars and this week’s episode boasted Jeremy Irons and Elizabeth Mitchell, and for once Benson and Stabler stepped back a bit and these two excellent actors really got their teeth into what was a highly melodramatic and unbelievably convoluted story.

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Round Up – Pretty Little Liars finale, House, No Ordinary Family

Pretty Little Liars continues to be the most fun teen mystery around in an action packed finale that saw the girls getting close to the truth about what happened to the diabolical Allison, but ultimately left them almost back to where they started from!

Spencer’s suspicions over her brother-in-law Ian seemed to be confirmed. Allison’s video files of them fooling around also included a creepy one of pre-blindness Jenna forcing the doe-eyed Toby into a secret affair. Ew!

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OMG The Good Wife’s shock revelations!

The drama on The Good Wife was mainly saved for a stunning revelation in the last few minutes in a show mainly focussing on Kalinda as she is subpoenaed by the District Attourney’s office after Blake gives evidence that she was involved in beating up that doctor in a case long ago. I’ve forgotten the Doc, but who can forget Kalinda’s baseball bat!

Meanwhile, dashing drug lord Lemond Bishop’s wife wants to divorce him, and while Lockhart Gardner (now without Bond) represent him, our sympathies switch from him as a loving husband  to the uncovering of his true nature when his wife ‘mysteriously’ overdoses just as the divorce case is about to go to court.

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Fringe..oh dear!

Since ditching Olivia (and Anna Torv’s) early love interest John Scott (Mark Valley who was much more charismatic on Human Target) Fringe has been one of my favourite X Files-style shows. You cannot deny the heavy X Files influence, from the way so many of the episodes open with a weirdo event to the conspiracies and general whackiness. This is no bad thing. The X Files was probably my first true obsession, certainly in the internet age. My first online friends were made through The X Files, it even led me to fan fiction (is that a good thing or not??!)

Fringe’s second season was strong and I very much enjoyed the early part of season 3 that switched between ‘over there’ and our universe, but I have to say, since Olivia returned, the show has taken a sharp turn downwards with too much angsty ‘oh Peter how could you!?’ and I thought the ‘Olivia possessed by William Bell’ or Anna Torv does Leonard Nimoy that they started last week and carried on this was just painfully bad!

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I love Allison Janney! Mr Sunshine, Off the Map, Bones

The new comedy Mr Sunshine starring Matthew Perry is a bit hit and miss for me. Perry plays Ben, the manager of the Sunshine arena owned by Janney’s Crystal and while I don’t find the supporting cast that appealing, the biggest problem is Perry who is just obnoxious! His lecherous and selfish Ben is just not someone you root for. On the other hand, Allison Janney makes the show worth watching. She has a ball being completely over the top as she attacks children and Smurfs, ice skates and this week duets with James Taylor who plays one of her many ex-husbands. I was pretty impressed with her ice skating the other week, but she shows off a pretty damn great voice in a really lovely duet with the golden voiced Taylor. Some very funny one liners (mainly from Janney) and a very Studio 60 feel has me still quite enjoying this one.

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Glee gets Sexy…and gay!

It took two watches for me to really get this episode, chiefly because most of the music was pretty forgettable this week, and I was dazzled by the Paltrow! Yes, Holly Holliday returned this week as Glee tackled teen sex. After the previous episode dealing with teen drinking I’m guessing we’ll be getting episodes on drugs and the dangers of RSI from too much texting next.

However, what stood out from this episode were two amazingly well written storylines about gay teen sexuality in positively the gayest episode yet. Once again Burt Hummell proved himself the dad we all wish we had.

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Smallville – ‘Scion’

No new Fringe this week, so only Smallville to review, and a very ho-hum episode it was too! The cloned Lex storyline (which is just ridiculous!) has us meeting the latest actor to play Alexander, High School Musical’s Lucas Grabeel. I’ve said it before, I am not comic book reader so the mythology that might get the fanboys peeing their pants does nothing for me. I have no idea if someone is a significant villain/ally or whatever from the comics. Lois and Clark’s parents are about where my comic book knowledge ends. But to me, the idea of Clark and Lex producing offspring is not only incredibly homoerotic (I think Clark/Lex fans liked the early years of Smallville!) but also super daft, even for Smallville. The fact that he chooses Connor as his name rings a few bells too – hello? Angel anyone? Fully grown previously unknown teen son arrives, powerful but raw and untrained, bit of a pest, into daddy’s girlfriend. Duh!!!

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