Smallville – ‘Scion’

No new Fringe this week, so only Smallville to review, and a very ho-hum episode it was too! The cloned Lex storyline (which is just ridiculous!) has us meeting the latest actor to play Alexander, High School Musical’s Lucas Grabeel. I’ve said it before, I am not comic book reader so the mythology that might get the fanboys peeing their pants does nothing for me. I have no idea if someone is a significant villain/ally or whatever from the comics. Lois and Clark’s parents are about where my comic book knowledge ends. But to me, the idea of Clark and Lex producing offspring is not only incredibly homoerotic (I think Clark/Lex fans liked the early years of Smallville!) but also super daft, even for Smallville. The fact that he chooses Connor as his name rings a few bells too – hello? Angel anyone? Fully grown previously unknown teen son arrives, powerful but raw and untrained, bit of a pest, into daddy’s girlfriend. Duh!!!

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