‘Bombshell’ on House, Pretty Little Liars.

Some heavy stuff for House and Cuddy this week while the Pretty Little Liars intrigues continue. SPOILERS AHEAD for House’s shock ending!


So after almost a season of blissful romance, House and Cuddy look to be over! Cuddy has a cancer scare and while the tests and procedures are going on, House just cannot act like a normal human being and be with her. Cuddy is convinced he will come to her in the end, and he does but it is later revealed he is only able to bring himself to be the supportive boyfriend when he is high on Vicodin once more. Cuddy’s break up with him looks to be permanent¬† says show runner David Shore on TV Line .

Meanwhile the episode was notable for Cuddy and House’s dreams/fantasies as we see House, Wilson and Rachel play Two and a Half Men, Cuddy and House be Butch and Sundance, a perfect 50s tv family and House’s Walking Dead zombie apocalypse, as House blows away his zombified team as Cuddy calls for his help. A big song and dance number was also featured – and it was downright weird! I’m sure there was lots of symbolism in it I missed. Hugh Laurie in mascara and an oddly ominous and doom laden feel should have alerted me to the heartbreak ahead.

As I have said in previous reviews, I love them as a couple, but realistically speaking, House seems to have little to offer in the long term to a single mum juggling her young daughter with her high pressure job. At the end of last weeks episode when it looked like House was going to break up with her because he felt he was a worse doctor when he was happy and in love, Cuddy didn’t look ecstatic. Yes House is a charismatic, fascinating man, but he really is poor husband or long term partner material. That is not even thinking about the big issue that split them this week – well, two issues I suppose. First and foremost, his drug use. We have sort of forgotten that he is an addict, but that sort of thing does not go away.

House is inherently a very selfish person, and as Wilson said in the episode, this was all about Cuddy and her possible serious illness, yet House could not be there for her – as any person would want at a time of crisis. How can you have a serious relationship with someone who cannot cope with any sort of pain or problem? She simply cannot count on him.

Despite all that, I was pretty sad about the break up as I liked that they had progressed the relationship after so many years of teasing. To me it feels like step backwards. We have had season after season of drug addict but brilliant House, I liked seeing his attempt a normal life. I also liked seeing the uptight Cuddy in a different light. For 5 years she tottered around in high heels and inappropriate clothing. Lately, we have seen her as a mother and a partner to House. Will the show revert to season 1 sparring? Will we get the old arguments about him on drugs and being suspended from practising medicine? Will House return to rehab – OLD NEWS!! The show already has trouble keeping its formula fresh, and I just hope this break up will not be a backwards step.


On Pretty Little Liars, the troubles continue for Spencer as the police search her room. Aria’s mum finds out she has a boyfriend after Aria carelessly sends her a text meant for Ezra. Hanna finds out that Caleb was spying on her for the (possibly) evil Jenna and in a genuinely shocking scene, slaps the blind girls dark glasses clean off her face (see above photo). Hanna is the Little Liar breaking down the barriers of expectation. Last week actually *gasp* having sex, this week even more shocking, she made a friend egg sandwich! However, we didn’t see her eat it..sometimes you can go too far! The slap was a shock because despite Jenna actions, she is blind – it was a pretty awful thing to do. Good on you Hanna!!


One of the things I like most about the show is how they have handled the gay teen storyline with the totally adorable Emily. We saw again her swim team rival Paige, who tried to drown her just a few weeks back before kissing her. Then in a fast turn of events last week, took her on a date, only for the pair to break up the next minute. Paige is being chatted up by Hanna’s ex- Sean, who Paige later goes on a date with. However, that same evening she shows up at Emily’s, admitting to herself and Emily that it felt wrong and that she is gay. Cue sweet kisses. The storyline has been handled very sensitively if a little too easily. We haven’t really seen any bullying or backlash against Emily – pure support from her friends, but are teenagers today really so accepting? Maybe they are. On the show, the main people with the problem were the adults – Emily’s mum, Paige’s dad. Perhaps that is realistic – the older generation less accepting, the youth of today not bothered, however I am not sure whether I quite buy it.

Incidentally, we are still no closer to solving ANY of the mysteries!! Who the hell is A??

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