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The second series of V ended with a multitude of deaths, some more satisfying than others!


The most wonderful moment of the season, yes that most irritating kid ever Tyler was killed after shagging a clone of his girlfriend. Typical of this idiot that he couldn’t tell anything was wrong and got his throat ripped out. Is it wrong to enjoy the violent death of a teenager so much?? Also for the chop, original V star Jane Badler as Anna’s mother Diana was skewered by her ungrateful daughter – and followed with the best line of the series so far “THAT’S how you kill your mother! to her dupe of a daughter who chickened out when she had the chance to off mummy.

How many times has Ryan died? Seems like a few, but that bratty kid of his has also been a nuisance with her mummy issues about Anna. Whether his death will hold in the event of the show being renewed we will see.

On the whole, I enjoyed this finale, particularly the dramatic deaths. I have to give huge props to Morena Baccarin. Who would have thought Firefly’s gentle ‘companion’ would be so ruthlessly terrifying! She really makes a fabulous baddie. Elizabeth Mitchell has had the harder job of being mother, agent, resistance leader, alternately compassionate and pretty ruthless too. However, leaving the task of killing Anna to her own daughter was surely a very poor tactical decision. No matter how evil Anna is, Lisa was always going to struggle, and after Anna conveniently saw her pull a gun in a mirror, poor Lisa was always going to be out manoevered my mummy.

I also liked the twist that a new government undercover group to fight the V’s was revealed, led by original series stat Marc Singer.¬† Personally, I have almost given up on the show this year, but this finale was the most fun for a while and also left us with some great possibilities for a future season.

House unfortunately sank into old habits as I feared! After House and Cuddy’s break up last week, House checked into a hotel, is back on the Vicodin and the hookers. Wilson tried to talk to him and Cuddy, but you can’t help thinking this was a love affair never destined to last unless House seriously changed – and that would ruin the show!

We were back to a mysteriously ill patient of the week that wasn’t anything especially memorable, while the episode ended with House embracing his idiot side once again, leaping off his balcony. Suicide? No, a daft leap into a swimming pool with a bunch of drunken students. I am just not that interested in House as a character when he is going to extremes. At times, you wondered if there was real feeling, real regret, but sadly House just appeared to be the cynical bastard once again. Old. Tired. Disappointing.

My Glee viewing usually includes two watches before a review, however it’s been a busy week! ‘Original Song’ packed a load of music in, while also getting New Directions Regionals win, a Kurt/Blaine kiss and a Quinn/Rachel conversation.

Once again I was very unimpressed with the songs. Where is this season’s ‘Somebody to Love’ or ‘You Can’t Always Get What you Want’? I had listened to ‘Loser Like Me’ and ‘Get it Right’ online last week – the much talked about original songs¬† and while they were good, they were not amazingly outstanding. I kind of liked the joke original songs – Santana’s ‘Trouty Mouth’ to Sam was funny, Puck’s ‘Big Ass Heart’ was fine and I did enjoy Mercedes ‘Hell to the No.’ I only really knew ‘Blackbird’ of the songs, and it was a very literal straight version – fine but nothing special. I wasn’t bowled over by the Warblers numbers and don’t even mention the painful reggae Jesus is my Friend.. horrid!

However, the Kurt/Blaine relationship is adorable, I was glad they continued the Santana/Brittany drama and it was nice to see Rachel and Quinn talk, although Quinn was not well treated in my opinion. We got a Q voice over and from that it appears she is after one thing – prom queen title. After making some attempts to develop her character, she was pretty much cartoon character bitchy here. A shame. On the other hand, her sort of argument with Rachel was interesting. No real insults, just her view on her future – married to Finn in a pretty much dead end Lima life, while Rachel moves on. I have no idea what they are doing with Quinn right now. Character inconsistency has always been a big problem on Glee. Usually I just go with the flow as the humour and music carries it through, but with a few disappointing musical episodes I am a tad more bothered.

Regionals was rather low key for me. Aural Intensity as coached by Sue was a huge disappointment. I thought she would be shooting them out of cannons! Very sedate. The Warblers Kurt/Blain duet was pretty much meh for me, although the Pink song was a bit livlier. The New Directions original songs were a big Rachel balled – which I am always a sucker for and the group anthem ‘Loser Like Me’ which I quite liked until someone compared it to a Disney TV movie song – so true! As a recent High School Musical convert, it really wasn’t any better. While I have moaned about poor Rachel/Lea Michele getting sidelined this season, this group song would have been perfect for Santana or Mercedes or even poor Tina who has hardly sung a note this year. Rachel’s ‘Get it Right’ was a classic Rachel Berry ballad and as always, Lea Michele performed brilliantly, but the song itself was good but not great.

I spotted a few signs of discontent from Kurt this episode about his position at Dalton. I did laugh at his ‘the Warblers are like Blaine and the Pips’ line, and we could sense Kurt’s uneasiness with the way the Warblers committee pandered to Blaine, offering him the choice of song or duet partner, while Kurt only expecting to audition. In the final scene where he hardly seems comforted by Blaine’s comments about them having won because they found each other after losing, I think we got a glimpse of the competitive side of Kurt. Barring Blaine, the Dalton kids are boring as hell, he doesn’t get to dress nicely and hardly gets to sing (before this week). We have also seen Kurt becoming close to Rachel and Mercedes and I am very hopeful the hints from this week will finally bring Kurt back to William McKinley – hooray!

The Regionals judges (including guest stars Kathy Griffin and Loretta Devine) plus the always wonderfully oily Rod Remmington were pretty funny, as was the results announcer, but for me, while plenty happened, it wasn’t the best. PLEASE drop the top 40 lightweight pop, lets get back to the classic rock!!

Worst of all NO GLEE FOR 4 WEEKS!! WAA!!

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