Fringe..oh dear!

Since ditching Olivia (and Anna Torv’s) early love interest John Scott (Mark Valley who was much more charismatic on Human Target) Fringe has been one of my favourite X Files-style shows. You cannot deny the heavy X Files influence, from the way so many of the episodes open with a weirdo event to the conspiracies and general whackiness. This is no bad thing. The X Files was probably my first true obsession, certainly in the internet age. My first online friends were made through The X Files, it even led me to fan fiction (is that a good thing or not??!)

Fringe’s second season was strong and I very much enjoyed the early part of season 3 that switched between ‘over there’ and our universe, but I have to say, since Olivia returned, the show has taken a sharp turn downwards with too much angsty ‘oh Peter how could you!?’ and I thought the ‘Olivia possessed by William Bell’ or Anna Torv does Leonard Nimoy that they started last week and carried on this was just painfully bad!

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