Fringe..oh dear!

Since ditching Olivia (and Anna Torv’s) early love interest John Scott (Mark Valley who was much more charismatic on Human Target) Fringe has been one of my favourite X Files-style shows. You cannot deny the heavy X Files influence, from the way so many of the episodes open with a weirdo event to the conspiracies and general whackiness. This is no bad thing. The X Files was probably my first true obsession, certainly in the internet age. My first online friends were made through The X Files, it even led me to fan fiction (is that a good thing or not??!)

Fringe’s second season was strong and I very much enjoyed the early part of season 3 that switched between ‘over there’ and our universe, but I have to say, since Olivia returned, the show has taken a sharp turn downwards with too much angsty ‘oh Peter how could you!?’ and I thought the ‘Olivia possessed by William Bell’ or Anna Torv does Leonard Nimoy that they started last week and carried on this was just painfully bad!

The case was pure Mulder and Scully, although it was nice to see Caprica’s Paula Malcomson – one of my favourite characters from that mess of a show – pop up. I also enjoyed seeing Lincoln who was the burned up guy from the other side in the early part of this season. His doppelganger over here is far more nerdy mind you! Hardly any Walter humour to lighten a competent but dull case and that stupid Bell/Dunham thing. Fringe, your ratings aren’t great, please fix this and get back to edgy sci-fi not soapy Peter/Olivia or this embarrassingly corny body possession stuff!

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