OMG The Good Wife’s shock revelations!

The drama on The Good Wife was mainly saved for a stunning revelation in the last few minutes in a show mainly focussing on Kalinda as she is subpoenaed by the District Attourney’s office after Blake gives evidence that she was involved in beating up that doctor in a case long ago. I’ve forgotten the Doc, but who can forget Kalinda’s baseball bat!

Meanwhile, dashing drug lord Lemond Bishop’s wife wants to divorce him, and while Lockhart Gardner (now without Bond) represent him, our sympathies switch from him as a loving husband  to the uncovering of his true nature when his wife ‘mysteriously’ overdoses just as the divorce case is about to go to court.

Kalinda, represented by Alicia pleads the fifth to all the questions put to her about her involvement in the assault on the doctor, until asked about Blake, where she connivingly states she saw him at a motel with Bishop’s wife, guaranteeing he needs to get out of Dodge – fast. However, there is time for one more parking garage/baseball bat confrontation between the pair, and for once Blake comes out on top as he has discovered the truth – that Peter Florrick helped her change her name and identity, and she slept with him. We didn’t get any of the usual Kalinda cool contempt, instead it was real fear on her face – nice job from Archie Panjabi.

Of course, this is pretty huge in the context of the show. Kalinda and Alicia’s friendship has been one of the best relationships on the show. Indeed, we saw the pair hit the bar (and the tequila) again tonight and Alicia discussing how she had changed – and from her tone, for the better. How will the pair get past this? Of course we don’t know the circumstances around the affair – a one off thank-you shag? Peter’s price?

Kalinda is such an unpredictable cagey character, we never really know whether her feelings are genuine for the various people interested in her that we have seen like the mascara wearing cop guy or the flirty FBI woman. Even her relationship with Carey is hard to categorise as genuine – we never know whether Kalinda has an agenda. It SEEMED that the friendship with Alicia was genuine – and perhaps the fear on her face is an indication that she really does not want this to get out to her galpal?

Once again, The Good Wife shows why it is the best drama on tv bar none! Just wonderful characters and plotting that genuinely surprises you. I am fearful for the Alicia/Kalinda relationship as I just love them, but can’t wait to see how it plays out.

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