Round Up – Pretty Little Liars finale, House, No Ordinary Family

Pretty Little Liars continues to be the most fun teen mystery around in an action packed finale that saw the girls getting close to the truth about what happened to the diabolical Allison, but ultimately left them almost back to where they started from!

Spencer’s suspicions over her brother-in-law Ian seemed to be confirmed. Allison’s video files of them fooling around also included a creepy one of pre-blindness Jenna forcing the doe-eyed Toby into a secret affair. Ew!

In an idiotic move the girls try to anonymously out Ian by demanding blackmail money for the video files. ‘Meet us in the woods with $10,000’. Yeah right, that was NEVER going to go wrong was it!!

Spencer and her sister are in a car accident, leaving the sis worried that her baby may be affected, so Spencer goes back to a creepy church that looks like something out of a Scooby Doo cartoon! While searching for her sister’s phone creepy Ian shows up, rings his blackmailer only for Spencer’s supposedly untraceable cell phone to ring. Duh! Anyway, it’s a chase up the bell tower next as Ian tried to kill Spencer, however, just as she is about to go through one of those wooden railing that always crack just right, a hooded figure arrives to shove Ian off instead! There he is hanging from teh bell roops.. dong, dong, dong!

Meanwhile the cop who is some sort of friend of the girls – did he go to their school? -approaches and sort of hit on Emily. Wrong team fella! In a not especially surprising twist, it is him who is  involved with blind Jenna. Not sure where he fits in yet, but after Ian’s body disappears from the bell tower I think there might be more.

So was that ‘A’ who arrived to save Spencer? Did Ian survive? Is Ezra really leaving? (Hopefully, still creeped out by that relationship.) Will Emily’s family move to Texas to be closer to dad and will she return with big hair? Will Caleb be welcomed back by Hanna and her mum? What is Mona up to?

I’m pretty impressed that I have finally worked out everyone’s name – although I’ve forgotten the geeky guy’s name who Mona calls Hermie – so sweet! PLL is just a blast! It’s ridiculously improbable, no one ever works or studys and all the 16 year olds are impossibly beautiful, while looking like 24 year olds. However it delivers, with endless twists and turns and the mystery is fun. In many ways, like Lost, I am sure the real explanation will be a huge let down. For now I’ve enjoyed the ride.

House on the other hand is sinking down my list of favourites. As I said in previous posts, I am concerned that the House/Cuddy break up will just take up back to season 1 House outrageousness and indeed it has. Vicodin popping, monster trucks and scooters around the hospital, model aeroplanes shooting visitors. Silly. Then even sillier, House is getting married – to a European girl in need of a green card. Cuddy is letting him get away with the stunts and humours him over the fake marriage, but I was surprised and disappointed that he actually went through with it! I find it hard to see how they can move the characters on from here. Surely all we are going to get is more medical mysteries and House banter – which we have had for 7 years. I was happy that House appeared to be growing as a character.

The shock ending with the patient of the week was rather cheesy too and while Amber Tamblyn got a bit to do – and I’ve quite enjoyed her character apart from the annoying fringe – the plot revelation sounded like someone’s bright idea for a surprise ending. ‘I know lets make him a serial killer!’ Yeah right. Concerned for where this show is going.

Lucy Lawless on No Ordinary Family this week got to deliver a classic Lucy line much beloved by Xena fans – “Kill them all!” to weasel faced Wolverine-lite Eric Balfour who is going evil Lucy’s bidding. He report the Powell family have powers and gets the ‘kill ’em all’ order. If only Lucy could have given the Xena yell too!

I was a little concerned at one point in the show as Julie Benz appeared to be doing a Dexter on us after being slashed in the stomach by Wolf man Balfour and seeing her in a pool of blood again is not something I wanted. Especially as the show is looking odds on for the shop – most of the cast are already signed up for their next tv gigs. However, she did live on to fight another day although the end scene showed her racing off and then disintegrating. Was she going invisible or did something weirder happen there?

Meanwhile back with Lucy Lawless, she popped in to Stephen Collins office, revealing she is the CEO of Global Tech and his boss. Lucy was in full moustache twirling baddie mode – but oh how I wish she would punch someone again! BSG, Spartacus, here – she’s bad but not violent. Damn! Sadly Lucy’s guest turn is unlikely to save the show. They should have introduced her earlier or used her better, as she’s just a nasty evil baddie right now. Great to see!

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