House Season Finale, and bye bye Lisa Cuddy..!

The news last week that Lisa Edelstein (Cuddy) would not be returning for season 8 of House was a big disappointment to me. I like the character a lot and I really liked the House/Cuddy relationship. In previous posts, I expressed my disappointment in the break up of the relationship not just because I’m a sucker for a nice romance, mainly because as much as I love Hugh Laurie, the outrageousness of the character House is almost cartoonish. No one could act like that in reality and function as a human being surely? I liked that House had a stab at a relatively normal life – a relationship. They didn’t make him into a pussycat, but the extremes were toned down a little. The show appeared to be actually having House develop as a character rather than be the same bitter, insane but brilliant doctor. Since the break up, House has reverted to the Vicodin (can he really be licensed to practice medicine when permenantly high?) and it is back to the cranky insanity and it’s just all kind of old hat to be honest. We’ve seen it all before – for seven seasons! Last week’s episode that saw him take a scalpel to his own leg was just gruesome (although it was a much better hour of drama than this one.) Would it propel House into a change? Of course not!

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The Mentalist finale – Red John revealed! TV News comments.

The Mentalist is a show I always watch, but don’t necessarily love. One of my favourite little undiscovered gems is a show from a few years ago called The Guardian, my introduction to Simon Baker (who I since realised I saw in LA Confidential as the Hollywood rent boy and as a charming aquaintance of Andi’s in The Devil Wears Prada.) I could spend a while talking about The Guardian and how much I loved the Nick/Lulu relationship on that show. Simon Baker proved to be a huge hit on The Mentalist as a totally charming ex-tv type psychic who helps Robin Tunney and the California Bureau of Investigation solve crimes. His Patrick Jane is a world away from the emotionally stunted Nick Fallin on The Guardian, a show that featured him and Wendy Moniz as two of the most beautiful smiles on tv!! While Baker went on to huge success on The Mentalist, Moniz got a small role on Damages and that’s about it. The TV industry only likes its women very young while men can be sexy no matter their age…

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Glee – Funeral

The question of who was going to die in the ominously titled ‘Funeral’ was one that had fans wondering for a while – although I must admit, an onset photo of Jane Lynch in a suit (no tracksuit) seemed a big giveaway to me. Yes, poor Jean, Sue’s sister was the one to kick the bucket in an unusual and emotional episode of Glee that also saw Jesse St James play a nasty Simon Cowell like critic as Santana, Kurt, Mercedes and Rachel all auditioned for the solo for Nationals.

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The Good Wife, Season 2 finale.

I’m sounding like a broken record here, but in my opinion The Good Wife is by far the best drama on tv right now. This show has an amazing cast, wonderfully involving characters with complex but not convoluted back stories, pretty interesting cases of the week and is well written and well directed. This week, creator Robert King himself directed and there were some really great visual touches in amongst the drama.

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Smallville finale is just PERFECT!!!


I’ve had my issues with Smallville at times, but at heart I have always been a fan of Clark Kent and Lois Lane and the Man of Steel. I’ve just finished watching the finale and I have to say I think it was one of the best series finales ever! They had the tricky job of trying to match 10 years of Smallville with the 60 years or so (not sure when the comic books started!) of Superman mythology and I thought they did a fantastic job. Smallville has always resisted the Superman icons – the name Superman for a start, the costume, the bumbling reporter alter-ego, and of course, the no flight, no tights rule. I also wondered about the wedding. Could Lois and Clark really get married when all Superman canon had them not married – for a while at least.

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TV Catch Up – Body of Proof, Nikita, Chase, Breakout Kings, Bones, Hellcats, Desperate Housewives, The Killing and some cancellations

I am so way behind, it is time for a race through and catch up on some shows. Body of Proof continues to improve, Nikita ends its first season on a real high, Bones kills off a character, Hellcats future isn’t looking to promising and has been a little flat lately, The Killing isn’t quite doing anything much while a whole stack of shows have been axed and quite a few on my viewing list. Drat! Chase, Off the Map, V, No Ordinary Family, Mr Sunshine, Lie To Me, The Chicago Code, Human Target – all I can say is there better be lots of good new shows…

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The Good Wife – In Sickness

So finally on The Good Wife, Alicia did what many of us have been hoping she would do since episode one, ditch the cheating bastard of a husband of hers! After the previous episode’s revelation – Alicia learning that Peter slept with Kalinda – we saw her reaction, and it wasn’t good! While Peter was still celebrating his victory in the state’s attorney race, Alicia calmly packed all his belongings, contacted a 24hour real estate agent and found a swanky new pad, got the movers to shift the boxes and handed over the keys to Peter. Yes, I think we can assume she is truly upset this time..

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