The Good Wife – In Sickness

So finally on The Good Wife, Alicia did what many of us have been hoping she would do since episode one, ditch the cheating bastard of a husband of hers! After the previous episode’s revelation – Alicia learning that Peter slept with Kalinda – we saw her reaction, and it wasn’t good! While Peter was still celebrating his victory in the state’s attorney race, Alicia calmly packed all his belongings, contacted a 24hour real estate agent and found a swanky new pad, got the movers to shift the boxes and handed over the keys to Peter. Yes, I think we can assume she is truly upset this time..

Julianna Margulies stoic expression has been frustrating at times. In many ways we want her to rant and rave and show some emotion. Alicia’s calmness in the face of revelations about her husband have been maddening when we wanted her to confront him. However, lately she seemed to have genuinely moved on from his cheating, and moved in – back to the marriage bed, although the few glimpses we have had of them together have hardly been open and passionate. This betrayal cuts deep with her – more lies from her husband, but with someone who is her best friend. As Peter tries to say later, she didn’t even know Kalinda (or Leela) then, but I guess this was the straw that broke the camels back for her.

Meanwhile, the case of the week is about a very sick woman who has been taken of the transplant list. We had a whole raft of top class guest stars – something The Good Wife is notable for. The most welcome being returning Patty Nyholm played by the always excellent Martha Plimpton. A beard-and-wild-hair-free John Glover aka Lionel Luthor on Smallville popped up in a small role, as did Marcus, Anna from V’s number 2 Christopher Shyer. I’m sure that was an SVU judge as the mediator, plus we had one of the guys from Mad Men in there too, as was Cindy from Women’s Murder Club Aubrey Dollar as a nurse who is rather taken with Kalinda. Get in line girl!

As always, the case was interesting and with Patty, there were the usual twists and turns and manipulations. Interestingly Alicia avoided contact with Kalinda, but seemed especially keen to fight for her client this week. I guess the confrontation with Kalinda will come pretty soon. Will she be as angry? In many ways she has a right to be. Kalinda befriended her while knowing she had slept with Peter, his crime being not to come clean about this past one night stand. (I think we know that don’t we?)

Also notable this week were Alicia’s scenes with her mother in law Jackie, where the gloves really came off. Jackie has always been pretty chilly towards Alicia, but obviously sees her kicking Peter out right now as rather hard to understand. Alicia is hardly going to explain. The scene with Alicia and the kids was much more emotional as their hurt and confusion was plain and painful. On the other hand, Eli and Alicia have formed a fascinating relationship. You even wonder whether he is more on her side than Peter’s these days. He seems to have more genuine respect for her and does not ask her why she is doing this.

So much emotional punch and considering we’ve have Alicia not really making a definitive move about her marriage for nearly 2 seasons, her decisiveness in moving Peter out so swiftly in this episode left me pretty surprised – but pleased! I have been amazed that some people want her to be with Peter. Maybe they are all Mr Big/Sex & the City fans, but I’ve found Peter to be a huge sleaze since day one! The rather ominous end scene with him and Cary has me worried though…

As always, superb drama.

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