The Good Wife, Season 2 finale.

I’m sounding like a broken record here, but in my opinion The Good Wife is by far the best drama on tv right now. This show has an amazing cast, wonderfully involving characters with complex but not convoluted back stories, pretty interesting cases of the week and is well written and well directed. This week, creator Robert King himself directed and there were some really great visual touches in amongst the drama.

The climax of this second season dealt with Peter Florrick’s election victory, Alicia kicking him out after finding out he slept with her best friend Kalinda and finally this week, the slow burning attraction to her boss Will  lead to them apparently hooking up.

The case of the week – the murder of a judge – wasn’t Lockhart/Gardner’s most thrilling, but the discovery of a bloody glove that may clear their client leads the gang on a hunt for the killer and also the person from the state’s attorney’s office that sent them the vital clue.

However, as always with this show, it is the personal dynamics that lift it above your average cop/lawyer show. Kalinda and Alicia’s icy relationship is complicated further as they are forced into each others company to work the case. While no one knows that the two former best buds are at daggers drawn, Alicia is also in a tricky position because Diane doesn’t know she and Peter have split – leading to Diane asking Alicia to speak to Peter about their case as the incoming state attorney. Meanwhile Kalinda’s flirty relationship with an old friend (Chase‘s Kelli Giddish – much more relaxed here in bed with Kalinda!) leads to an awkward moment. After what looks like a casual hookup, Kalinda is shocked to be reminded that her gal pal is married. Did she know and not care in the past or did she genuinely not know? Sadly, we have seen that the breakdown of Kalinda’s relationship with Alicia seems to have closed her off even more to other people. She certainly seems very uncomfortable with sleeping with someone who is married. Well, look what happened after a casual fling with Peter Florrick.

I was reminded of the Kalinda/Alicia friendship again in the episode’s final scene where Alicia and Will go celebrating their win with tequila at a hotel bar – something we have seen Alicia do with Kalinda several times – although those occasions didn’t have quite the same outcome…hmm, now there’s a thought..

The whole relationship with Will has me a little torn. Unfortunately, Will hasn’t really shown himself terribly great boyfriend material lately. Alicia has children and Will lives a carefree bachelor life. We’ve also seen rather questionable ethics from him a few times this season. Then there is the question of his judgement as that girlfriend Tammy is the least likeable, most irritating character on the show!

However, this season has been pretty much a Will/Alicia love free zone. Since last year’s finale with that memorable telephone conversation they have barely even flirted. I wondered whether they would go through with it in this episode. The scene as the pair decide to get a hotel room was an amazing one. Surely we would get the expected cop out – cautious Alicia taking all the little obstacles (oblivious hotel clerk, all rooms booked except the $8000 suite, bratty kid pressing all the lift buttons making it stop on every floor, Will not being able to use the key card to open the door) as a sign and back out? Juliana Marguiles plays Alicia as very stoic and straight faced most of the time. However, she is a very smart and strong minded woman. Clearly she’s decided what the hell, she’s single (although not divorced) and she’s been attracted to Will for years. A few little awkward moments aren’t going to put her off. Great visual scene as the left doors opened and closed on the uneasy looking pair.

I have no idea where they are going to take this relationship next year. An old tv cliche, but couples who cannot be together and suffer for it are often more interesting to watch than a happy couple. Happy=dull in dramatic terms.

Another thing I liked a lot was the set up with Peter. Chris Noth has always been a guest star only on this show, but I think he could make a great sort of baddie net year – pretty much the same as Glen Childs in terms of hostility towards Lockhart Gardner. Once he finds out Alicia is sleeping with Will things could get very interesting! The scene between Peter and Will (before the tequila hookup) was fascinating. I think my money is probably on Peter – probably the more ruthless of the two.

The Good Wife has had two amazingly consistent seasons of brilliant, gripping drama and I do hope they will continue the quality. What will happen with Alicia and Will? How will Peter get on as State attorney and will we see him in court opposite Alicia? Is Kalinda going to become even more closed off or can she and Alicia’s relationship ever be salvaged? Will Eli join Lockhart Gardner? How will Jackie torment Alicia further? So many things to look forward to, but drat having to not see any new episode for months!

The Good Wife – Best drama on tv!

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