House Season Finale, and bye bye Lisa Cuddy..!

The news last week that Lisa Edelstein (Cuddy) would not be returning for season 8 of House was a big disappointment to me. I like the character a lot and I really liked the House/Cuddy relationship. In previous posts, I expressed my disappointment in the break up of the relationship not just because I’m a sucker for a nice romance, mainly because as much as I love Hugh Laurie, the outrageousness of the character House is almost cartoonish. No one could act like that in reality and function as a human being surely? I liked that House had a stab at a relatively normal life – a relationship. They didn’t make him into a pussycat, but the extremes were toned down a little. The show appeared to be actually having House develop as a character rather than be the same bitter, insane but brilliant doctor. Since the break up, House has reverted to the Vicodin (can he really be licensed to practice medicine when permenantly high?) and it is back to the cranky insanity and it’s just all kind of old hat to be honest. We’ve seen it all before – for seven seasons! Last week’s episode that saw him take a scalpel to his own leg was just gruesome (although it was a much better hour of drama than this one.) Would it propel House into a change? Of course not!

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