Summer Lovin’..

Two of my favourite summer shows, The Closer and Rizzoli and Isles have been brightening up my TV lately, plus The Glee Project is getting annoyingly gripping!

Now in it’s seventh and final year, The Closer has always been a terrifically enjoyable show and not just for Kyra Sedgewick, but for a great ensemble cast. After last year’s closing episodes that saw Will Pope NOT get the chief of police job (and not Brenda either) it looked like things might be getting tricky this year. Mary McDonnell’s Captain Raydor reappears – not so much at odds with Brenda any m0re, but forced into investigating a complaint against the squad. We’re still early in the season, but the trademark interview room confessions seem to be scaled back so far. I am also curious to see what they will do to lead into the announced spin off starring McDonnell. Will she take over Priority Homicide and keep the team? (I hope so – although she is not a ‘closer’ like Brenda)

Meanwhile, the gayest straight show on tv Rizzoli and Isles returns with two unbelievably attractive yet single ladies, Angie Harmon and Sasha Alexander. The cases are diverting enough – and actually have been pretty damn good this year so far, but it is the chemistry and interaction between the two stars that make this show a lot of fun. I do wish they would ditch Lorraine Bracco as Jane’s incredibly annoying caricature of an Italian American mother.

I have always avoided reality shows like the plague – chiefly because I don’t want to accidentally get drawn into watching them and getting hooked! The Glee Project is a different matter as it has that Glee link – and seeing the production team is a fantastic insight, even if the show itself is terribly manipulative and annoying. Ryan Murphy seems to contradict himself every time he speaks. I also am puzzled why we are, what, 5 episode in and Marissa has had about one line. I wonder whether she wins it and they are saving her screen time up for the latter stages. I still don’t know why Damian is still there. Modest singer, not much of a dancer and all wrong for the show. Cameron – who seemed cool – proved to be a stupid little boy this week when he freaked out over Lindsay (Rachel Berry with the niceness taken out) kissed him.

Hannah is one of my favourites as she actually comes to life in front of the camera and has a great voice. Alex seems too much of a stereotype and similar to Kurt in a way. Bitchy Lindsay seems talented, but would probably be a pain to work with (as would diva Alex). Cameron/Damian – get them off, Marissa – no idea, hardly seen her. I like Samuel, he has a very different look and I could see him fitting on the show. VERY glad Matteus went this week as he was a total whiner! (I wish he had gone the week before and the beautiful and super talented McKynleigh had lasted longer.)  Damn…I am hooked!

Covert Affairs has had a few good episodes lately, but Chris Gorham is getting almost as smirky and smug looking as  Jefferey Donovan on Burn Notice. White Collar rather wasted Lena Headey’s guest star turn – and oh how I wished they had swapped her with guest star Rebecca Mader on Covert Affairs for that Imagine Me & You reunion with Lena Headey and Piper Perabo!

New show Alphas has yet to convince me it is more than a Heroes knock off. On the plus side, it stars David Strathairn – always one of my favourite actors. However, dearly departed Mr Nigel Murray from Bones (don’t know the actor’s name) as an autistic genius type is an awkward misstep.

True Blood continues to be at its best with Sookie and Erik, and at its worst with Jason. Don’t think I have EVER liked his characters storylines, and the latest one was awful! Amnesiac Eric is much more fun.

Since the last post, I watched the rest of BBC’s Luther and wow, that was a fantastic little 4 episode run. Dark and threatening. The scene with the nutter in the petrol station was just chilling.

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