Summer’s Gone…Autumn rolls in

I’m a bit behind on my commenting (not that anyone but me is reading this anyway mind you!) So before launching into the new season, let’s round up the summer shows

My undoubted favourite show ended up being The Glee Project. Indeed, I had to avoid ANY entertainment websites for almost three days as I was waiting to download the finale (torrent encoders were super slow, the bastards!!!)

What was it that had me so hooked to Lindsay, Samuel and co? Well of course the Glee connection, but also I think the trials the youngsters went through really had you rooting for them. No autotune here, and the mentors and Ryan Murphy definitely had their favourites. Reading my comments back, I seem to have hated Damian – who ended up being a co-winner with Samuel. I still remain to be convinced about him as an actor, but I’ll admit, his Irish charm grew on me. Samuel – the first named winner – is less interesting to me than he was, as he just seemed not thay much beyond his looks. I grew to really appreciate Lindsay and her talent, and indeed she was the first of the finalists to appear on Glee (winning a runner up 2 episode arc). Popping up in the Glee season 3 premiere, she showed her talent – a fantastic voice. But vocal coach Nikki clearly detested her (and probably got a word in to the costume girls as her dress in the episode was horrendous and made her look fat which she so is not.) I sniggered in the Glee Project finale when Nikki was running her down to her husband and Glee music producer Adam Anders, and he nodded but commented on what a great voice she did have though.

Meanwhile, Alex also won me over. Yes, he was a diva and his blank face/bored look was a bit annoying, but his last chance performances were just amazing. What a voice! And he is still so young. I’m glad he got something too.

The Glee Project has been renewed for another year (that’s assuming Glee itself gets a season 4 pickup I guess! Ratings are down although critically the new season is being pretty well received. More on that in another post) but will we get as attached to the next batch of contestants? I sobbed through most of the last few episodes!

The Closer had a great mini run continuing Brenda’s legal problems with that case of the murdering gang member she left on his own last year. The Closer is a joy mainly because of the wonderful chemistry between the talented cast, and this was still evident this year. Mary McDonnell is stepping up as the show is being re-branded/re-launched with her in the lead as Major Crimes in a year or so when Kyra Sedgewick leaves.

Alphas picked up quite a bit. The team grew on me and the mythology of the Alphas project was interesting. Not perfect – the romance between two of the dullest Alphas left me cold, but Gary the autistic genius improved. Genre favourite Sumer Glau popped in, as did Rebecca Mader, Brent Spiner and a few others. Solid sci fi action.

Rizzoli and Isles was probably one of my favourite precedurals of the summer, and yes, it remained as gay as ever! The cases ranged from dark to frivolous, but they pulled them all off. Credit to Sasha Alexander and especially Angie Harmon who I think was great.

Warehouse 13, Haven both continued with enjoyable of not amazing seasons. Haven lost some of its early season interest as it started going to big over the top events. Audrey isn’t Audrey, Duke switches sides, Audrey kills the Rev etc. Good cliffhanger finale though.

Rookie Blue once again had me pondering, erm, shall I watch? And then be pleasantly surprised by its quality. Callum Keith Rennie who surely has a deal that he MUST appear on ANY Canadian shot tv show made a memorable appearance.

Burn Notice? Bleugh..apart from Charisma Carpenter popping by in a bikini, it is about to be dropped from my viewing list again.

Against the Wall was ok but a tad cliched with its aw shucks family stuff. Enjoyable enough but not terribly remarkable.

Next time – new shows.

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