Oh dear, oh Glee!

Now don’t get me wrong, I am still a huge gleek! However, something has happened this year, Glee has just lost something for me. For the first time ever in two and a half seasons, I had an episode and waited a couple of days before viewing it. OK, so it ended up being a really good one – the latest, Heart that finally introduced Rachel’s two dads. The point is, I could have stayed up the night before to see it, but I wasn’t motivated to.

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Lost Girl – Successful Succubus!

Canadian show, now airing in the US on SyFy, Lost Girl has more than a whiff of Buffy, with a heavy dose of Blood Ties and is a lot of fun. The very sexy Anna Silk stars as succubus Bo, who is the lost girl of the title at the start of the series. She has no idea that she is NOT a total freak who kills with her kisses. She meets spunky sidekick Kenzi in the pilot and soon discovers a supernatural world of the Fae living alongside humans but of course, without us suspecting a thing!

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