Lost Girl – Successful Succubus!

Canadian show, now airing in the US on SyFy, Lost Girl has more than a whiff of Buffy, with a heavy dose of Blood Ties and is a lot of fun. The very sexy Anna Silk stars as succubus Bo, who is the lost girl of the title at the start of the series. She has no idea that she is NOT a total freak who kills with her kisses. She meets spunky sidekick Kenzi in the pilot and soon discovers a supernatural world of the Fae living alongside humans but of course, without us suspecting a thing!

 What makes the show refreshing is Bo’s freely expressed sexuality. So often TV shows females who like sex as being baddies, or use sex as a metaphor for very very bad things (think of what mayhem happened when Buffy slept with Angel!)

Lost Girl has Bo heavily involved with Dyson, a werewolf like cop and also human doctor Lauren who works for the light Fae boss. She also sleeps with plenty of other men and women with no angst or acrimony – both Dyson and Lauren also have other lovers. Swinging fantasy!

A big part of the fun is Kenzi – the classic funny, whacky, sparky sidekick who usually gets the best lines and she is a hoot in what could have been an annoying character.

Lost Girl does deal with life and death, but manages to keep it light – no Buffy season 7 here! More S1 but even less angsty. Bo  spends a few episodes  looking for her mother but it isn’t world shattering. When both Dyson and Lauren meet other people, Bo is upset but still has fun with Kenzi and finds other people to sleep with. The tone is just fun and light.

As I mentioned,  there is a bit of Blood Ties in there too, down to the attractive female lead with two concurrent lovers, one human, one not! Blood Ties was fun, but slightly po-faced and could really have done with a Kenzi!

Lots of eye candy (cleavage plays a significant role!) and fantasy adventures that are mainly case of the week, but in a world that is fun to visit. Lost Girl isn’t quite well written enough to be Buffy, but it is an entertaining way to pass the time with pretty people!

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