Glee Season 4 Wraps Up Poorly!

Just a few weeks ago, Glee’s renewal for not just a season 5, but a season 6 too was announced and like any self respecting Gleek I was delighted. On the whole season 4 has been pretty enjoyable and I was definitely not ready to say goodbye to Rachel, Kurt, Santana and the gang.

Since my last post, Glee aired the final episodes of the season, including one of its most controversial, Shooting Star, where the issue of guns in schools was addressed. The episode featured the usual inane daftness for the first half until the gang gather in the choir room and suddenly a shot rings out. The following 10 minutes or so were some of the most unique ones Glee has ever done. No jokes, no music, just drama and panic and fear. Personally, I thought they handled it very well indeed, showing the different reaction of the kids and Mr Shue actually acting like an adult for the first time in 4 years! Extremely uncomfortable viewing and totally out of character for the show compared to the way Glee usually handles ‘issues’. The shots of Brittany hiding in the toilets was heartbreaking, and the director and actress Heather Morris (above) did very well.

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