More Breaking Bad

OK, another day, another 11 episodes of Breaking Bad, and forget all that about not loving the show, I am addicted, hooked, will be needing Breaking Bad-Anonymous by the time I get to the end of the available episodes! I have two episodes left in the fourth season to watch and then the eight from season 5 and I just love the drama! The stakes are ramped up time and time again. You would think Walter being in danger of elimination by Gus would get tired after a while or that another Walt/Jesse argument would get old but it doesn’t!

Jesse has become more aligned with Gus and the wonderful laconic hitman Mike, as Walt’s hubris and downright obnoxious arrogance drive pretty much every one away. Jesse takes the trip to Mexico with Gus and Mike to get their revenge on Don Elario and the Cartel who killed Gus’ original Chicken Brother Max (his brutal murder shown in a great flashback episode, by that scary dude who is now immobile in a wheelchair with just a bell to communicate). Gus is such a great character. He’s super menacing, but at times seems a reasonable and far more controlled individual that the erratic Walt. He is a master manipulator, but Jesse and Walt’s bond and demand that the other not be killed, while they are the only ones able to cook that super pure blue meth keeps them essential to him.

Gus’ revenge on the Cartel was memorable. If we didn’t get it already, this is a man you definitely, positively do not want to cross! Walter has reason to be terrified.

Meanwhile, I’ve enjoyed seeing Skylar have more to do, although I am not sure she would embrace the life of deception and crime quite as fervently as she has. We’ve seen Skylar con a locksmith into letting her into Walt’s apartment, play the dumb bimbo – with appropriate cleavage – for Ted’s IRS inspector, then use sleazy lawyer Saul to give Ted the money he needs to clear his IRS debt. That she would then OK sending a couple of goons to strongarm him into sending the cheque to the IRS is less believable, and when she finds out he killed himself in a freak accident while trying to run away from them, she is going to be pretty devastated. Of course, that is assuming Gus doesn’t kill off the whole family, now Walt realizes most of his ready money is gone.

So much fantastic, gripping drama. Woo Hoo for Breaking Bad!

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