Is Lexa Doomed on The 100?

When Alycia Debnam-Carey was cast as one of the leads on Fear the Walking Dead, it seemed her long term future as Grounder Commander Lexa was in doubt. She is still billed as ‘guest star’ on The 100 (although this may be for contractual reasons) but on a show like this where no one is safe, her position seems precarious.

This week’s episode of The 100 ‘Hakeldama’ (3×05) made me increasingly worried for Lexa. The Sky crew now led by the warmongering, Grounder-hating Pike have just massacred 300 grounders – although thankfully not Indra – and Lexa’s first instinct is to raise and army and destroy them. Seems fair enough.

However, Clarke is trying to save her people, even the idiots who attacked the army sent there to protect them. After having no luck convincing Bellamy to realise the wrong path he is on, Clarke returns to the Commander trying to convince her that she can break the cycle of violence and NOT react by attacking the Sky people. Lexa must be more besotted with Clarke that we realised as amazingly she agrees.

This makes me very worried for her. We have seen that she already has a lot of doubters amongst the other 12 clans – a rebellion she has just barely managed to quell with her victory in that fight with Roan and killing the Ice Queen. There is a lot of distrust of the Sky people – who moved back into Mount Weather, where grounders had been killed for years. Now the army were attacked while they slept and killed, no one but Indra was left alive. Even the wounded were shot and killed. It was indeed an act of war, and someone has to surely pay for it. If Lexa is swayed by Clarke to try to give peace a chance, surely she is asking for trouble from her own people. The grounder society has been portrayed as a warlike one, a society based on the strength of its leader to make tough choices but to also be pretty harsh. I fear that Lexa’s decision not to seek retribution for the slaughter of 300 warriors – who she said Indra had gathered from nearby villages – is going to lead to her downfall and possibly even her death.

There was much excitement amongst Clexa shippers this week when a 2 second clip of them in a very intimate position was leaked. This is also bad news for Lexa’s survival! it has happened in enough TV shows that any happiness is bound to be followed by tragedy. Once Clarke and Lexa hook up, that will definitely be the end for poor Lexa I think (sob!) However, being optimistic, she has become a hugely popular character so perhaps the might just exile her or something rather than kill her?  #hopeful

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