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House ‘Two Stories’, Castle ‘Setup’ (plus Fringe, Smallville, Episodes, Spartacus)

These two strong episodes on House and Castle had an annoyance in common – that rather overused device – a dramatic teaser followed by ’36 hours earlier’ or some other flashback. House broke from the usual collapsing patient of the week to show us the grumpy doctor sitting outside the principal’s office at an elementary school and gradually revealed how he got there. Two Stories was a definite echo of the standout season one episode ‘Three Stories’ where we found out how House sustained his leg injury, and like that one, it began with House telling the story of a patient to a bunch of students, or in this case … Continue reading

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TV Round Up – Lie To Me, Human Target, Spartacus: Gods of the Arena, Episodes, Chase, Off the Map, Harry’s Law

Lots of tv episodes to catch up on this week! Lie To Me ended a brief 13 episode season with one of those annoying flashback episodes that far too many tv shows do these days. Begin with a shocking scene – in this case Gillian covered in blood – and then do a ‘two days earlier’ thing. The episode featured a Social Network-type plot, with internet nerds fighting amongst themselves and ultimately committing murder. The lead genius but socially inept character (and I know I’ve seen that actor in something else recently, also obnoxious I think..) was like Mark Zuckerberg as played by Jesse Eisenberg if a tad more homicidal!

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House, Pretty Little Liars, Lie to Me, Castle, Harry’s Law, Episodes

This week’s TV viewing rundown. Firstly House saw the grumpy doc trying to coach Cuddy’s daughter to get her into an elite pre-school, compete with animal training clicker (which was a hoot!) The case was pretty mundane, although good to see the gay hoodlum from Caprica getting work. Chase’s skirt chasing ways caught up with him as someone hacked his facebook (or the alternate copyright free name) page. Perfectly fun, nothing ground breaking.

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Caprica, Episodes..

Just a short post about two shows I watched yesterday. My relationship with Caprica has always been an uneasy one. I was a huge Battlestar Galactica fan, but for me Caprica has never worked as well as it could, largely because I dislike pretty much all of the characters. I am especially bored by the Adama brothers and the Tauron mafia stuff. However, the always dull Eric Stoltz as Daniel Greystone isn’t much better. I used to quite like the Greystone family dynamic, but Amanda has been off finding out about the polygamous Polly Walker and her equally tedious Church of the One God bunch. To me, Caprica is trying … Continue reading

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