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The Trouble with Smash..

Billed as Glee for grownups when it debuted last year, Smash will be taking its final bow in a few weeks as the second and final season comes to a close. Smash started brilliantly, with a great pilot and a fascinating premise. The series was following the development of a Broadway show called Bombshell, a musical based on the life of Marilyn Monroe. Many of the stars were real Broadway actors and the musical numbers from the fictional show were fab. Developed by Steven Spielberg and Robert Greenblatt the show had a good pedigree. However, as the first series progressed, things began to go wrong. Cliched stories, ridiculous characters and … Continue reading

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Glee Season 4 Wraps Up Poorly!

Just a few weeks ago, Glee’s renewal for not just a season 5, but a season 6 too was announced and like any self respecting Gleek I was delighted. On the whole season 4 has been pretty enjoyable and I was definitely not ready to say goodbye to Rachel, Kurt, Santana and the gang. Since my last post, Glee aired the final episodes of the season, including one of its most controversial, Shooting Star, where the issue of guns in schools was addressed. The episode featured the usual inane daftness for the first half until the gang gather in the choir room and suddenly a shot rings out. The following … Continue reading

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Glee: Is Season 4 the new Season 1??

Glee is right up there with my all time favourite shows, but a lot of season 3 drove me mad – Rachel and Finn’s STUPID wedding, too much crap music. I was quite apprehensive about season 4 and what the show would be like with most of the main characters graduating. I was also not particularly convinced they would handle it well after Ryan Murphy chose Blake Jenner as the winner of The Glee Project season 2 – the most conventional of the contestants. However, on the whole I think this season of Glee has been pretty successful. As Ed on my favourite Glee podcast Gleeful proclaims, ‘season 4 is … Continue reading

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How Was It? A Recap of the 2011/2012 TV season

So in US TV terms, another year over, as the TV year begins in September and ends in May (bizzare Americans!) and we are onto the summer shows right now. So how was the main TV season? Hits, misses and goodbyes. Firstly, Glee, my number one show for three years ended with the seniors from McKinley graduating and going their separate ways. There is still a lot of uncertainty about what season 4 will look like and how much we will see certain characters. Glee will never recapture the, well, GLEE it had in the first year, when everything was new and fresh. But we’ve come to love the characters, … Continue reading

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Oh dear, oh Glee!

Now don’t get me wrong, I am still a huge gleek! However, something has happened this year, Glee has just lost something for me. For the first time ever in two and a half seasons, I had an episode and waited a couple of days before viewing it. OK, so it ended up being a really good one – the latest, Heart that finally introduced Rachel’s two dads. The point is, I could have stayed up the night before to see it, but I wasn’t motivated to.

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New Seasons of Glee, The Good Wife, Fringe etc

The 2011 autumn season is now in full swing – indeed we are already experiencing the most irritating aspect of US tv –  the breaks for sports as Glee is off the air for baseball until November 1st, Fringe also skipping a week..grr! So how are my favourite shows shaping up? Well Glee is like a whole different show this year and I am not totally sure I like it as much yet. The critical reception has been good as the one aspect Glee is doing well is more consistent storytelling. However, I’ve never watched Glee for its dramatic strengths. What has me a tad worried is the lack of … Continue reading

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Glee finale – New York

So, Glee reaches the end of its second season as the Glee club makes it to New York City for the National finals, but things don’t quite go according to plan! Most unbelievably, they arrive not even having written the songs they are to perform and therefore unsurprisingly, a National title is not on the cards – spoiler alert!

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Glee – Funeral

The question of who was going to die in the ominously titled ‘Funeral’ was one that had fans wondering for a while – although I must admit, an onset photo of Jane Lynch in a suit (no tracksuit) seemed a big giveaway to me. Yes, poor Jean, Sue’s sister was the one to kick the bucket in an unusual and emotional episode of Glee that also saw Jesse St James play a nasty Simon Cowell like critic as Santana, Kurt, Mercedes and Rachel all auditioned for the solo for Nationals.

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Glee – Rumours

You know, it is a real shame Glee’s returning episode a few weeks back was ‘Night of Neglect’, one of the weakest episodes of the season. Ratings have not been great since, and we have had two terrific episodes: last week’s ‘Born This Way’ and now this pretty darn great episode ‘Rumours’.

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Glee – back on form in a BIG way with ‘Born This Way’

After the lacklustre ‘Night of Neglect’, Glee roared back with a terrific extended episode this week, named for Lady Gaga’s latest. The episode saw the extremely welcome return of Kurt to McKinley, a surprising revelation about Quinn and Santana proving herself to be a schemer of the highest order. Best of all, pretty much every song was great, with a Rachel/Quinn duet that is definitely my favourite Glee song for ages, and one of the best of the season.

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