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Glee – Night of Neglect

It’s been far too long since Glee was on our screens and this returning episode was not the show’s strongest by any means. It was also a Rachel-singing-free-zone, which is always going to be a minus point. However, we did get the return of Gwyneth Paltrow as Holly, Charice as Sunshine, Terri Shuester was back, as was the wonderful Stephen Tobolowsky as Sandy Ryerson. Tina got to sing for the first time in ages and we learnt that Brittany is an expert on cat diseases!

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Glee gets Sexy…and gay!

It took two watches for me to really get this episode, chiefly because most of the music was pretty forgettable this week, and I was dazzled by the Paltrow! Yes, Holly Holliday returned this week as Glee tackled teen sex. After the previous episode dealing with teen drinking I’m guessing we’ll be getting episodes on drugs and the dangers of RSI from too much texting next.

However, what stood out from this episode were two amazingly well written storylines about gay teen sexuality in positively the gayest episode yet. Once again Burt Hummell proved himself the dad we all wish we had.

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Glee “Blame it on the Alcohol”, The Good Wife “Silver Bullet”, plus V, Pretty Little Liars, Chicago Code

I did not have high hopes for this episode of Glee. The kids get drunk and Will goes country with Beist. Hmm. I listened to previews of the sings and apart from the Human League classic, Don’t You Want Me, they seemed like pretty forgettable songs too. However, the episode turned out to be a lot more fun than I expected and one of the best for a while. My Lea Michele fan status is well declared here, and I just laughed non stop during her attempt at song writing – My Headband. How Lea Michele managed to sing that with a straight face I do not know. There has been press this week that the show will be airing two original songs in future episode. My Headband doesn’t look like it will be making it to the next CD or the next competition!

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Glee “Comeback”, The Good Wife “Road Trip”

My two favourite shows aired strong episodes this week, but certainly very different ones.

Glee frequently requires a suspension of disbelief and a ‘just go with it’ attitude. Of course if any teacher acted the way Sue Sylvester does, they would be fired in an instant. Yes, the slick production numbers would take weeks of rehearsals to be that polished, but the show works for me because of the funny oneliners, quirky characters and of course, the music.

I was a little nervous about the Justin Beiber themed episodes this week. The episodes that have featured one artist so far have been Madonna – a total icon, Lady Gaga – ditto although a newer less proven in the long term icon – and Britney Spears, not someone I am a huge fan of, but certainly a pop princess. Justin Beiber on the other hand?? I don’t know his music at all, just that he looks like a very young child and is a YouTube sensation.

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Glee “Silly Love Songs”

The second Glee episode of the week was another fun romp that was all the better for being almost entirely focussed on the kids. No Sue, Emma still absent, none of Will’s pontificating – just a brief appearance from the Beist hauling a dazed Santana off to the nurse.

There were a few couples that this Valentine’s themed episode focussed on. Finn sees himself as the stud of the school and the Glee club and after Quinn kissed him at the end of the previous episode, sets up a kissing booth. We also revisited the Finn/Rachel breakup, with Finn rather sweetly giving Rachel a gift he bought her for Christmas – a pretty gold star necklace. However, his sweetness didn’t last as he spent most of the rest of the episode trying to tempt Quinn away from Sam. I find Finn incredibly annoying. For a start, I don’t quite know what smart girls like Quinn and Rachel see in him. He’s DULL! Yes he is the captain of the football team, but his hypocracy in dumping Rachel for merely kissing Puck is astonishing. He kissed Rachel when dating Quinn, slept with Santana and lied about it, and now is pursuing Quinn again. Give up on him girls!

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Glee, House, The Chicago Code

After much much too long, Glee finally returned and its post-Superbowl show earned huge ratings too. But was the episode as super? Well I was a bit unsure at first. For a start off, the episode was about 5 mins longer than normal – and oddly it felt more leisurely in pace. There is also the anticipation factor. When you are a huge huge fan of something, you are so excited to see a new episode, it always feels like a bit of a let down. I remember back to the days of the height of my Xena:Warrior Princess obsession. A friend in the US would send me video tapes and I was just so excited when a new tape popped through the door, it was hard to relax and watch an episode objectively.

After watching the new Glee episode, The Sue Sylvester Shuffle (weird name, she does no dancing..) I was not totally bowled over, however, on listening to the tracks on YouTube later and listening to my favourite Gleeful Podcast  I found a lot to enjoy about the episode.

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Glee and The Good Wife – Season 2 so far

Two of my favourite new shows of last year are both about halfway through their second year and continue to be my top choices for very different reasons.

Good WifeThe Good Wife sounds like it could be incredibly predictable and clichéd – disgraced politician’s wife goes back to work as a lawyer – however it is the best drama on tv because it just does everything right!

The legal cases are interesting and involving, but what really makes it work are the characters and the relationships. Pretty much everyone on the show has secrets of some sort, but they are well developed three dimensional characters that intrigue you. From the wonderfully scheming Eli Gold to super-secretive Kalinda, added to which are a roster of wonderful guest stars.

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