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How Was It? A Recap of the 2011/2012 TV season

So in US TV terms, another year over, as the TV year begins in September and ends in May (bizzare Americans!) and we are onto the summer shows right now. So how was the main TV season? Hits, misses and goodbyes.

Firstly, Glee, my number one show for three years ended with the seniors from McKinley graduating and going their separate ways. There is still a lot of uncertainty about what season 4 will look like and how much we will see certain characters. Glee will never recapture the, well, GLEE it had in the first year, when everything was new and fresh. But we’ve come to love the characters, and the end of season 3 saw Rachel and Finn NOT get married (thank God!) but break up, with Rachel heading for New York, Finn considering the army, Kurt NOT getting into NYADA, Brittany failing and returning to repeat her senior year. Quinn recovering from her car crash and heading for Yale, Santana getting a cheerleading scholarship to St Louis, Mercedes getting a recording deal as a backing singer, Mike getting into somewhere or other too! Left at McKinley (apart from the teachers) are Artie, Tina, Brittany, Blaine, Sam, Sugar and Joe (Damian McGinty’s Rory apparently not returning HURRAY!) Rumoured to be returning, although not necessarily to the glee club, is Alex Newell as Wade/Unique, The Glee Project runner up who made the strongest impression by far. Indeed, the third season of Glee finished pretty strongly thanks to him.

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New Seasons of Glee, The Good Wife, Fringe etc

The 2011 autumn season is now in full swing – indeed we are already experiencing the most irritating aspect of US tv –  the breaks for sports as Glee is off the air for baseball until November 1st, Fringe also skipping a week..grr!

So how are my favourite shows shaping up?

Well Glee is like a whole different show this year and I am not totally sure I like it as much yet. The critical reception has been good as the one aspect Glee is doing well is more consistent storytelling. However, I’ve never watched Glee for its dramatic strengths. What has me a tad worried is the lack of any really standout must-be-played songs in the first three episodes. Yes the music was ok, but I’ve been listening to the music from the first two seasons rather than any of the 10 or so songs we’ve had so far.

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House Season Finale, and bye bye Lisa Cuddy..!

The news last week that Lisa Edelstein (Cuddy) would not be returning for season 8 of House was a big disappointment to me. I like the character a lot and I really liked the House/Cuddy relationship. In previous posts, I expressed my disappointment in the break up of the relationship not just because I’m a sucker for a nice romance, mainly because as much as I love Hugh Laurie, the outrageousness of the character House is almost cartoonish. No one could act like that in reality and function as a human being surely? I liked that House had a stab at a relatively normal life – a relationship. They didn’t make him into a pussycat, but the extremes were toned down a little. The show appeared to be actually having House develop as a character rather than be the same bitter, insane but brilliant doctor. Since the break up, House has reverted to the Vicodin (can he really be licensed to practice medicine when permenantly high?) and it is back to the cranky insanity and it’s just all kind of old hat to be honest. We’ve seen it all before – for seven seasons! Last week’s episode that saw him take a scalpel to his own leg was just gruesome (although it was a much better hour of drama than this one.) Would it propel House into a change? Of course not!

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The Mentalist finale – Red John revealed! TV News comments.

The Mentalist is a show I always watch, but don’t necessarily love. One of my favourite little undiscovered gems is a show from a few years ago called The Guardian, my introduction to Simon Baker (who I since realised I saw in LA Confidential as the Hollywood rent boy and as a charming aquaintance of Andi’s in The Devil Wears Prada.) I could spend a while talking about The Guardian and how much I loved the Nick/Lulu relationship on that show. Simon Baker proved to be a huge hit on The Mentalist as a totally charming ex-tv type psychic who helps Robin Tunney and the California Bureau of Investigation solve crimes. His Patrick Jane is a world away from the emotionally stunted Nick Fallin on The Guardian, a show that featured him and Wendy Moniz as two of the most beautiful smiles on tv!! While Baker went on to huge success on The Mentalist, Moniz got a small role on Damages and that’s about it. The TV industry only likes its women very young while men can be sexy no matter their age…

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Zombies vs Cheerleaders on Hellcats, House, Game of Thrones, Body of Proof

Hellcats returned with a fun episode that featured Dan’s student movie – a pretty awesome zombie/cheerleader romp. Amber Tamblyn ended her stint on House with a really good episode. I was not especially impressed with the much hyped Game of Thrones, while I spent most of Body of Proof saying to myself ‘Christina Hendricks is married to HIM!!’

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Round Up – Pretty Little Liars finale, House, No Ordinary Family

Pretty Little Liars continues to be the most fun teen mystery around in an action packed finale that saw the girls getting close to the truth about what happened to the diabolical Allison, but ultimately left them almost back to where they started from!

Spencer’s suspicions over her brother-in-law Ian seemed to be confirmed. Allison’s video files of them fooling around also included a creepy one of pre-blindness Jenna forcing the doe-eyed Toby into a secret affair. Ew!

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Castle, House, Pretty Little Liars

Castle followed up last week’s cliffhanger with a pretty action packed episode as Becket and the team – assisted by the always great Adrian Pasdar – tried to find a dirty bomb before it could explode causing mayhem in New York. Last week’s episode left Becket and Castle locked in a freezer, and things looked dicey for a while as they almost froze to death. However, if the episode had one big problem, it was that you KNEW they weren’t going to die, just as we KNEW there was no way the huge bomb would indeed explode, destroying half of New York. They were never going to go so far on the show, however both events got pretty close, with Becket passing out with hypothermia and Castle only defusing the bomb as the timer ticked onto zero. Continue reading Castle, House, Pretty Little Liars