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Smallville finale is just PERFECT!!!

  I’ve had my issues with Smallville at times, but at heart I have always been a fan of Clark Kent and Lois Lane and the Man of Steel. I’ve just finished watching the finale and I have to say I think it was one of the best series finales ever! They had the tricky job of trying to match 10 years of Smallville with the 60 years or so (not sure when the comic books started!) of Superman mythology and I thought they did a fantastic job. Smallville has always resisted the Superman icons – the name Superman for a start, the costume, the bumbling reporter alter-ego, and of … Continue reading

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Fringe channels Alias, Smallville phones it in, Nikita in brief and Chase is better than Breakout Kings (IMO!)

Many US tv shows are approaching their finales, with Fringe cranking it up big time this week as Peter seeks to help save our universe. Meanwhile, the latest episode of Smallville was a pretty big yawn as Clark and Oliver visited the Phantom Zone. Also airing, the late lamented (by me anyway) Chase is getting its last few episodes burned off. Nikita is also delving into the darker stuff as Alex calls in the cleaners!

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Modern Family v 30 Rock, Fringe and Smallville return, Bones goes for the funny..

There’s a bit of a theme to today’s reviews – two comedies kick things off, with one of the funniest Modern Family episode showing up a by-the-numbers 30 Rock, meanwhile been-gone-too-long Fringe and Smallville both went other world-y. Meanwhile Bones rested the tedious Brennan/Booth lurve they’ve been on lately and went for a fun romp of an episode.

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Smallville – ‘Scion’

No new Fringe this week, so only Smallville to review, and a very ho-hum episode it was too! The cloned Lex storyline (which is just ridiculous!) has us meeting the latest actor to play Alexander, High School Musical’s Lucas Grabeel. I’ve said it before, I am not comic book reader so the mythology that might get the fanboys peeing their pants does nothing for me. I have no idea if someone is a significant villain/ally or whatever from the comics. Lois and Clark’s parents are about where my comic book knowledge ends. But to me, the idea of Clark and Lex producing offspring is not only incredibly homoerotic (I think … Continue reading

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Fringe ‘Subject 13’, Smallville ‘Fortune’, Spartacus: Gods of the Area ‘The Bitter End’

Fringe took us back to 1985 (complete with fab retro opening credits) and a look at the young Peter and Olivia, younger Walter, Walternate and wives. Last we saw of this time, Walter brought Peter back to heal him from that Sci Fi McGuffin the incurable genetic disease that killed his Peter.  That episode featured the wonderful Orla Brady as Elizabeth, Walter’s wife and Peter’s mother. The instant she laid eyes on the other Peter, we knew Walter wasn’t going to be sending him back any time soon.

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House ‘Two Stories’, Castle ‘Setup’ (plus Fringe, Smallville, Episodes, Spartacus)

These two strong episodes on House and Castle had an annoyance in common – that rather overused device – a dramatic teaser followed by ’36 hours earlier’ or some other flashback. House broke from the usual collapsing patient of the week to show us the grumpy doctor sitting outside the principal’s office at an elementary school and gradually revealed how he got there. Two Stories was a definite echo of the standout season one episode ‘Three Stories’ where we found out how House sustained his leg injury, and like that one, it began with House telling the story of a patient to a bunch of students, or in this case … Continue reading

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Fringe – 3.13 Immortality, Smallville – 10.13 Beacon, Human Target S2 finale, The Good Wife 2.13 Real Deal.

Catching up on some reviews of last week’s tv, the best of which was Fringe. This season has been excellent, although now our Olivia is back, there has been a slightly ponderous ‘how could you not know’ theme. This week we returned to the other side, and I realised how much I missed it! Alternate reality shows are always kind of fun as the creators of the shows get to add their own little details to the other worlds. The S2 finale reveal of Olivia in the twin towers still stands as one of the very best mind blowing Fringe moments.

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Fringe, Smallville, Spartacus, Who Do You Think You Are

My Saturday had me choosing from this bunch of appealing shows. I began with the first in the 2nd US series of Who Do You Think You Are, with Ugly Betty’s Vanessa Williams. The UK version has been running for a few years and the US version last year was pretty similar apart from the endless adbreaks and ‘coming next’ moments that were a right pain!

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