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Fringe ‘Subject 13’, Smallville ‘Fortune’, Spartacus: Gods of the Area ‘The Bitter End’

Fringe took us back to 1985 (complete with fab retro opening credits) and a look at the young Peter and Olivia, younger Walter, Walternate and wives. Last we saw of this time, Walter brought Peter back to heal him from that Sci Fi McGuffin the incurable genetic disease that killed his Peter.  That episode featured the wonderful Orla Brady as Elizabeth, Walter’s wife and Peter’s mother. The instant she laid eyes on the other Peter, we knew Walter wasn’t going to be sending him back any time soon.

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House ‘Two Stories’, Castle ‘Setup’ (plus Fringe, Smallville, Episodes, Spartacus)

These two strong episodes on House and Castle had an annoyance in common – that rather overused device – a dramatic teaser followed by ’36 hours earlier’ or some other flashback. House broke from the usual collapsing patient of the week to show us the grumpy doctor sitting outside the principal’s office at an elementary school and gradually revealed how he got there. Two Stories was a definite echo of the standout season one episode ‘Three Stories’ where we found out how House sustained his leg injury, and like that one, it began with House telling the story of a patient to a bunch of students, or in this case … Continue reading

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Spartacus: Gods of the Arena ep 4 – OMG!!!

I find I have to be in the right mood to enjoy Spartacus: Gods of the Arena. Alcohol might help, having murderous thoughts about people maybe? I still find its excesses too much at times, but then there is the fascinating and heart breaking drama that draws me back in. This 4th episode (of only 6 I believe) featured the usual spurting blood, with a hapless spectator getting too close and losing his fingers in a particularly nasty but oddly funny moment. Plus the episode went the full 9 yards (plus about 100 more!) with a sex orgy that I bet kept the casting agents in New Zealand busy trying … Continue reading

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Fringe, Smallville, Spartacus, Who Do You Think You Are

My Saturday had me choosing from this bunch of appealing shows. I began with the first in the 2nd US series of Who Do You Think You Are, with Ugly Betty’s Vanessa Williams. The UK version has been running for a few years and the US version last year was pretty similar apart from the endless adbreaks and ‘coming next’ moments that were a right pain!

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TV Round Up – Lie To Me, Human Target, Spartacus: Gods of the Arena, Episodes, Chase, Off the Map, Harry’s Law

Lots of tv episodes to catch up on this week! Lie To Me ended a brief 13 episode season with one of those annoying flashback episodes that far too many tv shows do these days. Begin with a shocking scene – in this case Gillian covered in blood – and then do a ‘two days earlier’ thing. The episode featured a Social Network-type plot, with internet nerds fighting amongst themselves and ultimately committing murder. The lead genius but socially inept character (and I know I’ve seen that actor in something else recently, also obnoxious I think..) was like Mark Zuckerberg as played by Jesse Eisenberg if a tad more homicidal!

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Spartacus: Gods of the Arena ep 1

As a huge fan of Lucy Lawless and Xena: Warrior Princess (see website name!) it took me a while to get into Spartacus: Blood and Sand last year. While I might love Lucy, I was not a fan of the movie 300 and found the first couple of episodes of Blood and Sand just grotesquely violent and the nudity and sex rather gratuitous. However, after hanging around on my hard drive for a while I though, as a true Lucy Lawless fan, I should try and get beyond episode 3 and I was glad I did. The epic drama and fascinating treachery that built as the series went on was … Continue reading

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