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New Seasons of Glee, The Good Wife, Fringe etc

The 2011 autumn season is now in full swing – indeed we are already experiencing the most irritating aspect of US tv –  the breaks for sports as Glee is off the air for baseball until November 1st, Fringe also skipping a week..grr!

So how are my favourite shows shaping up?

Well Glee is like a whole different show this year and I am not totally sure I like it as much yet. The critical reception has been good as the one aspect Glee is doing well is more consistent storytelling. However, I’ve never watched Glee for its dramatic strengths. What has me a tad worried is the lack of any really standout must-be-played songs in the first three episodes. Yes the music was ok, but I’ve been listening to the music from the first two seasons rather than any of the 10 or so songs we’ve had so far.

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The Good Wife, Season 2 finale.

I’m sounding like a broken record here, but in my opinion The Good Wife is by far the best drama on tv right now. This show has an amazing cast, wonderfully involving characters with complex but not convoluted back stories, pretty interesting cases of the week and is well written and well directed. This week, creator Robert King himself directed and there were some really great visual touches in amongst the drama.

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The Good Wife – In Sickness

So finally on The Good Wife, Alicia did what many of us have been hoping she would do since episode one, ditch the cheating bastard of a husband of hers! After the previous episode’s revelation – Alicia learning that Peter slept with Kalinda – we saw her reaction, and it wasn’t good! While Peter was still celebrating his victory in the state’s attorney race, Alicia calmly packed all his belongings, contacted a 24hour real estate agent and found a swanky new pad, got the movers to shift the boxes and handed over the keys to Peter. Yes, I think we can assume she is truly upset this time..

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TV Catch Up – Off the Map, No Ordinary Family finales, Body of Proof, The Killing, The Good Wife, Breakout Kings


Lots of shows to catch up on, including the final episodes (probably ever) of Off the Map and No Ordinary Family, shows I liked quite a bit but failed to find an audience.

No Ordinary Family went all apocalyptic as Lucy Lawless got a name (which I can’t remember now..Teresa?) and a dastardly plot – to find out how the Powell family got their powers for keeps and to then kill them. However, the melodrama surrounding this including JJ kidnapped, shape shifting humans, taking away powers, double crosses etc was just rather desperate and forced.

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SVU on form, The Good Wife, Body of Proof Premiere.

I was a late-comer to Law and Order: Special Victims Unit; one boring summer Hallmark was showing episodes in seemingly random order so I was puzzled by the rotating ADAs and Olivia Benson’s hair!

In recent years the show has been very inconsistent with the cases being more gimmicky and less interestingly plotted in my opinion. Another SVU staple is the big name guest stars and this week’s episode boasted Jeremy Irons and Elizabeth Mitchell, and for once Benson and Stabler stepped back a bit and these two excellent actors really got their teeth into what was a highly melodramatic and unbelievably convoluted story.

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OMG The Good Wife’s shock revelations!

The drama on The Good Wife was mainly saved for a stunning revelation in the last few minutes in a show mainly focussing on Kalinda as she is subpoenaed by the District Attourney’s office after Blake gives evidence that she was involved in beating up that doctor in a case long ago. I’ve forgotten the Doc, but who can forget Kalinda’s baseball bat!

Meanwhile, dashing drug lord Lemond Bishop’s wife wants to divorce him, and while Lockhart Gardner (now without Bond) represent him, our sympathies switch from him as a loving husband  to the uncovering of his true nature when his wife ‘mysteriously’ overdoses just as the divorce case is about to go to court.

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The Good Wife, V, No Ordinary Family, Hellcats

Another terrific episode of The Good Wife is the standout of the latest batch of my tv viewing, although Lucy Lawless and Tricia Helfer popping up on No Ordinary Family was something I was looking forward to a lot. Elizabeth Mitchell flashed her undies on V while the Hellcats bonded with their rivals from that Christian college.

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Glee “Blame it on the Alcohol”, The Good Wife “Silver Bullet”, plus V, Pretty Little Liars, Chicago Code

I did not have high hopes for this episode of Glee. The kids get drunk and Will goes country with Beist. Hmm. I listened to previews of the sings and apart from the Human League classic, Don’t You Want Me, they seemed like pretty forgettable songs too. However, the episode turned out to be a lot more fun than I expected and one of the best for a while. My Lea Michele fan status is well declared here, and I just laughed non stop during her attempt at song writing – My Headband. How Lea Michele managed to sing that with a straight face I do not know. There has been press this week that the show will be airing two original songs in future episode. My Headband doesn’t look like it will be making it to the next CD or the next competition!

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Glee “Comeback”, The Good Wife “Road Trip”

My two favourite shows aired strong episodes this week, but certainly very different ones.

Glee frequently requires a suspension of disbelief and a ‘just go with it’ attitude. Of course if any teacher acted the way Sue Sylvester does, they would be fired in an instant. Yes, the slick production numbers would take weeks of rehearsals to be that polished, but the show works for me because of the funny oneliners, quirky characters and of course, the music.

I was a little nervous about the Justin Beiber themed episodes this week. The episodes that have featured one artist so far have been Madonna – a total icon, Lady Gaga – ditto although a newer less proven in the long term icon – and Britney Spears, not someone I am a huge fan of, but certainly a pop princess. Justin Beiber on the other hand?? I don’t know his music at all, just that he looks like a very young child and is a YouTube sensation.

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