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The Glee Project and love children galore!

Well so much for my prediction that Marissa was going to win The Glee Project in my previous post – she was promptly eliminated! It is quite shameful how hooked I am on this show – the very reason reality shows are so popular is that they are designed to get you addicted. The crack cocaine of TV! However, the show is endlessly frustrating for many reasons, chiefly the elimination decisions. Continue reading The Glee Project and love children galore!

Catching Up – The Killing ends, Summer tv??

Since the bulk of US tv shows ended in May, I’ve not had as much to watch so here’s a quick round up of what I HAVE been keeping up with.

Firstly, many MANY viewers were unhappy with the finale of AMC’s The Killing. Well, I’d been unhappy with it since about episode 2. While the first episode was great – setting up the characters and the tone, since then it has been just tediously dull! A test of whether a tv show is gripping you is whether you watch avidly or find something to fiddle with while it is on. I found I had email to check, my Farmville farm to keep an eye on, Bejewelled to play. All of which meant The Killing lost me some time back. I think the final straw was the weird episode where Linden raced around trying to find her bratty teenaged son for an hour. Oh woe, tears, rain, moody Linden and then the kid turns up at home. YAWN!!!

Continue reading Catching Up – The Killing ends, Summer tv??