Human Target – ‘A Problem Like Maria’/’Communication Breakdown’ Review

human targetI was a bit ambivalent about Human Target during the first season. High octane action, but a little empty at times, largely due to the lack of charisma shown by star Mark Valley compared to the more interesting Chi McBride and Jackie Earle Hayley. This season saw the addition of some female blood to the boys club, and while I have loved Brit Indira Varma in everything from Torchwood to Luther, I remain to be convinced why Janet Montgomery as Ames is there – although her being a distraction by stripping down to her undies in this week’s episode might provide a clue!

The double episode was a game of two halves for me. The first part featuring an old flame of Chance’s was fairly predicable and unoriginal, Winston’s attempts to use a bazooka with instructions in Hebrew was the best moment! The second half was a stronger episode, well, half of a stronger episode!

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Glee and The Good Wife – Season 2 so far

Two of my favourite new shows of last year are both about halfway through their second year and continue to be my top choices for very different reasons.

Good WifeThe Good Wife sounds like it could be incredibly predictable and clich├ęd – disgraced politician’s wife goes back to work as a lawyer – however it is the best drama on tv because it just does everything right!

The legal cases are interesting and involving, but what really makes it work are the characters and the relationships. Pretty much everyone on the show has secrets of some sort, but they are well developed three dimensional characters that intrigue you. From the wonderfully scheming Eli Gold to super-secretive Kalinda, added to which are a roster of wonderful guest stars.

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Castle – ‘Nikki Heat’ Review Ep 3.11

Castle is a fun, lightweight show whose main appeal for me is the always charming Nathan Fillion. This week’s episode saw the appearance of an actress cast to play Nikki Heat (Castle’s character based on Detective Beckett) who was following Beckett in preparation for playing the role. As Castle commented, it was very meta!

The ensemble cast are always entertaining, while the crimes are often fairly predictable – as was the case here. Personally if I was being interviewed by a cop, an author and and actress about a crime I’d wonder what was going on! However, suspension of disbelief is crucial for this show. I was quite amused to hear the actress mention to Becket about those ridiculous high heels she’s been wearing and how impractical they are. Didn’t she used to be a bit more butch is season 1? I am not a huge fan of her fashion model look. I wonder how many female cops dress like that?

Entertaining fluff.


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Fringe S3 Ep9 Marionette – Review

This season of Fringe has been probably its strongest so far – certainly for fans like me who have loved seeing the alternate universe and the growth of Olivia. This episode sees the return to a sort of normalcy – Olivia back in our reality and no sight of BOlivia, Walternate, Charlie and the alternate gang. It is also back to a weird case of the week procedural, but with some heart wrenching emotional stuff too.

The case itself is one of the creepiest in a while – an obsessive man reassembling his dead love by removing her transplanted organs from various innocent recipients. The guest star (Mark Ivanir) is very chilling and creepy as he makes the Marionette of the title out of the dead girl, stringing her up and making her dance. Very effective and eerie.

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Hello world!

I love tv! However, I am a pretty discriminating viewer (ZERO reality shows! No soaps etc) but I do get kind of obsessed with certain tv shows. This is going to be my thoughts on what I’m watching, and my opinions and reviews of latest episodes.

Expect to read reviews of shows like:

Glee, The Good Wife, House, Smallville, Fringe, Dexter, Castle, Bones, Modern Family, 30 Rock, Nurse Jackie, Doctor Who, Nikita, Covert Affairs, Law and Order: Special Victims Unit, Rizzoli and Isles, Desperate Housewives, The Walking Dead, Mad Men, Boardwalk Empire, Lie to Me, The Event, The Closer, Pretty Little Liars, Hellcats, The Mentalist

plus a bunch more I can’t think of right now!

I am not into CSI, NCIS, other Law and Orders or Criminal Minds so this is not an exhaustive, comprehensive TV review, just my take on programs I like.

Here goes!

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