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Gone…but not forgotten!

This last month has seen the usual round of cancellations and there were some quite painful ones this year but also some inexplicable renewals! Cancelled and it Hurts! Agent Carter. Noooooo! Peggy, come back! Marvel’s ABC TV show never got great ratings, but was well liked by critics and its fans were very devoted. I am not sure why it didn’t do so great. The train of thought that women viewers watch shows with men and women characters but male viewers don’t like shows with female leads is a depressing thought if true. However, comic books do tend to appeal to boys more. They are written largely by men and … Continue reading

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Lost Girl – Successful Succubus!

Canadian show, now airing in the US on SyFy, Lost Girl has more than a whiff of Buffy, with a heavy dose of Blood Ties and is a lot of fun. The very sexy Anna Silk stars as succubus Bo, who is the lost girl of the title at the start of the series. She has no idea that she is NOT a total freak who kills with her kisses. She meets spunky sidekick Kenzi in the pilot and soon discovers a supernatural world of the Fae living alongside humans but of course, without us suspecting a thing!

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