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Forget The Mentalist…Revisting The Guardian

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This week I’ve been re-watching an old CBS lawyer show called The Guardian, notable for being Simon Baker’s first TV series before he hit it huge with The Mentalist. Baker is super charming, with a twinkling smile and highly charismatic as con man psychic turned crime fighter on The Mentalist, but for me the show ran out of steam very badly once they solved the Red John mystery (the man who killed Patrick Jane’s family) and followed the dull predictable route of pairing up Jane with Robin Tunney’s character.

Skipping through the TV channels several years back, I came across The Guardian and immediately spotted a younger, shorter haired Baker and started watching. Running on CBS from 2001 to 2003 for 3 seasons, The Guardian featured Baker as Nick Fallin, a hot shot lawyer who is busted for drugs and as part of his probation, is given 1500 hours of community service Continue reading Forget The Mentalist…Revisting The Guardian